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Boho-Chic Meets Gothic Style

Discover unique styles for your boho-chic-meets-gothic-clothing you cannot find anywhere else!
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September 28, 2020

The Psylo Guide to Your Outfit's Colors

To match to your Psylo look, we create our alternative streetwear in natural, minimalist colors. We’re excited to share with you more about what Psylo colors mean, and how you could use them to style your perfect outfit;
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October 10, 2019

About Psylo's New Collection

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been producing a full new collection of alternative clothing. But this winter - we're doing things a little different...
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January 02, 2019


Festivals are as much about what you wear as they are about which artists you watch. Which is why we've prepared for you the Psylo guide for festival clothing essentials.
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June 26, 2018


In our constant effort to be more sustainable, the Psylo design team have been designing with recycled materials.
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January 22, 2018

Psylo's Winter in Zen Style

Psylo's new collection designs were created by drawing inspiration from the Zen Arts. The latest Ethno-Punk trends to keep you warm and balanced this winter.
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October 23, 2017

PSYLO, Pandawa Beach, Bali

New Psylo FW17-18 collection is out! Here is a sneak peek from behind the scenes of the concept photoshoot which took place in Pandawa Beach, Bali.
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October 09, 2017

Psylo's Summer Tour

Keeping the tradition alive, this summer Psylo will be going on its summer festival tour. Come meet us at the Psylo Shop in the following events;
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May 30, 2017

New Year, New Collection

About the inspiration for Psylo's Fall-Winter 2016-17 Collection: Alchemy & Astrology
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December 22, 2016