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Boho Kimono

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This tribal-style kimono is handmade by local women communities in Guatemala. Following ancient traditions, the women collect 2,000 butterfly cocoons to make each kimono. The fabric is weaved on the standing loom using natural, high-quality materials. The 100% vegetable dye is fixed with 100% Organic fixative coming from banana palm trunk.

  • A lightweight poncho, kimono-style kaftan.
  • Body is made of 2 rectangular panels.
  • V-neck.
  • Fringed hem.
  • 60 cm long, from high point of shoulder down to the arm's hem.
  • 100 cm length.
  • Can be worn diagonally or squared at the hem.

Material: 50% Silk 50% Cotton

Care: Hand wash only.

Find out more about this style here.

Please note this is product is handmade and hand-dyed. Therefore colors may slightly vary.