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Psylo Women

Long Neck Top Long Sleeves

Long Neck Top Long Sleeves

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Stand out from the crowd in this classic Psylo design. So many handmade details, you’ll be finding more ways to play with and wear it every time!

* Braided, long sleeves top.

* See-through, hand-knitted layer of fabric forming the neck, down the middle of the front and back, and around the waistline.

* The extra long neck creates a playful layer that can be worn as a hood.

* Signature Psylo Braiding along the sleeves.

* You can put your fingers through the braiding for a touch of unique style.

* External zigzag stitching.

* Exquisite tribal screen-print on both sides of the body.

* Fitted, true to size.

Material & Care

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