7 AWESOME Tips for Achieving Your Goals

7 AWESOME Tips for Achieving Your Goals

Keeping your body & mind active is key to healthy living and a passion shared by the wide-range amazing individuals reading these words. Those of you who've been following Psylo for a while also know that MOVEMENT has been the driving force behind our latest ‘In Motion’ collection (and those new here - welcome!). This collection was conceived during times of lockdowns, with the intention of inspiring you to get more active and to overcome physical boundaries imposed by a global pandemic. As our brand’s name - Psylo - suggest, our clothing’s design concept is rooted in the power of the mind and its ability to expand the psyche beyond limits and to transform boundaries. “Getting more exercise” is also one of the most common new-year resolutions, and might easily be on your 2022 goals list. Beyond supplying you with the right outfit for the job, we want to provide with you practical tools for getting more active, setting goals and achieving your resolutions.

That’s why, as a special bonus to our readers, we’ve invited Maya Zack, a Peak Performance & Personal Development expert, to share with you 7 useful tips on how to set your goals and achieve them, too. Using the Sedona Method™, as well as hypnotic tools, over the past 13+ years Maya has been establishing herself as a leading coach contributing to personal development, empowerment and how to cultivate the power of your mind. She has also been recently listed on Brainz Magazine 500 for 2021.

Here are Maya’s useful guidelines on achieving your goals you could start employing right now;



I’m sure you’ve heard of setting SMART goals to help you achieve what you want. But what’s more awesome than SMART goals? AWESOME goals! Here’s what’ll really fire you up and get you going…


Actionable & Achievable

Have a strategy and know the steps you’re gonna take to make it happen.

  • Habits lead to results – as you take consistent action, you naturally arrive at your destination. So focus on the habit that’ll get you to where you want to be rather than the end result that can feel overwhelming and sometimes out of reach. So for example, instead of ‘losing X weight’ in the next 6 months, you could say ‘put in 1-hour exercise 5 times a week’.
  • Break it down to smaller, tangible & specific short-term action-goals. E.g. ‘in the next 2 weeks I’ll go for an hour walk every day at 5pm’. Clear small action steps prevent overwhelm.
  • Plan your time: schedule your new wanted habit – put it in your planner at a set time rather than on a to-do list, and stick to that commitment.



Your goal has to fit your values & purpose for you to bother. Whether it’s about respect for your body or wanting to be healthy to enjoy what life’s got to offer you – it needs to be about what’s important to you, not to fit in with others’ expectations.

This will help you to commit to your goals – which is far more important than motivation. This is because motivation will naturally go up and down sometimes. When you accept this fact, you can then allow yourself to experience those down moments without it causing you to abandon the whole thing. You’re less hard on yourself while sticking to the big plan, and less pressure leads to less resistance and more action.



This means being willing to get uncomfortable and go outside what you’re used to.

Your goal will probably require some personal development – creating some inner change that’ll allow you to build those new habits.

  • Do some mindset work – on a regular basis, even if it’s just 5 mins a day! Whether meditation, self-hypnosis, visualisation or any other kind of work – this will keep you focused and motivated. Work on any conflicting beliefs or self-talk that doubt your ability to achieve what you want.
  • As best you can, let go of needing to achieve the goal. This might sound paradoxical and it’s somewhat of fine art - but it’s about balancing your goal with acceptance of where you are now. Attachment to stuff you want actually sends your mind the message you don’t have them. Cuz you don’t want to get stuff you already have, right? So consciously, you set up ‘positive intentions’ while subconsciously, you build ‘negative charge’. Less attachment & pressure - means less resistance to taking the needed action.



Get clear on what you want. You can’t get there if you don’t know where you’re going.

  • Although it’s good to focus on the habits or process, you still need to have a very clear big-picture end result. The more specific the better for the mind to both work towards it and be able to plan how you’re gonna get there. So instead of ‘getting fit’ you might say ‘lose X weight’ or ‘run 2k twice a week’.
  • An often-overlooked factor that’s hugely important is to focus on becoming that future you who’s achieved those goals. Be specific about the kind of person you’re gonna be as someone who’s already overcome the challenges. Putting some focus onto that, you’ll create the resources & strength you need to make shit happen and achieve the external results.



Don’t pressure yourself or the universe to deliver results.

  • As you focus on the habit, don’t worry about how or when exactly it’s all going to manifest. This creates unnecessary pressure & resistance. Focusing on the process with the vision in mind is the way to go.
  • Be patient: it will take time. Overnight success is a myth. Appreciate even your smallest progress and the tiniest steps you took to move forward. These all create momentum & habits that snowball.
  • Accept moments of low motivation while keeping to your commitment. And when you are experiencing resistance, focus on just this moment. Sometimes thinking of the bigger picture of having to continue a habit ‘forever’ is too much to handle. So focus just on this very time only. Do it, just today, just for now.



Keep yourself inspired – whether by listening to, reading about or hanging out with other people who are killing it.

Stop comparing yourself to others in a way that makes you feel like you’ll never achieve what they have, this can cause you to lose motivation. Only make ‘positive’ comparisons – those that inspire you and show you it’s possible for you!



The stronger the & feelings your goal brings up, the more motivating it is and the more you already begin embodying it and therefore manifesting it, creating it from the inside out.

Everything you’re after in life (as well as everything you’re afraid of) is actually a feeling, not a thing or situation.

Wanna be more active or fit? What about it makes you want it? Is it a feeling of health? Energy? Security? Being in control? Worthiness? Freedom? So focus on that feeling – the more you can create it already now while in the process, the more easily you’ll experience this ‘end result’ already now and gradually more and more, keeping you in the positive mindset to keep up your commitment, that’ll get you to where you wanna be.



These are 7 AWESOME tips you can easily start following right now to help you set your goals and achieve them, too. Whether they’re your new-year’s-resolutions, work-out, or life goals, these practical tools and mindset are designed to give you clarity and make your achieving - easier.

You may save these AWESOME tips by downloading this guide: 



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