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September 03, 2021

Designed for keeping active with ease of movement.

Our new collection for summer 2021 is all about ease of movement. Mostly designed by our in-house queen-of-style Shoki Nassri - bringing her bold, tomboy-yet-sexy attitude. As a collection, it focuses on Psylo’s aspect of being active, as part of living healthy lifestyles. It’s especially dedicated to those following a discipline in their lives and evolving through that philosophy of body awareness, embodied knowledge and meditative therapy. So it’s designed as active streetwear, particularly useful for those who practice yoga & movement throughout their day, and like to look stylish in-between.

Johan wearing our active streetwear Psylo in Motion

Above: Johan wearing our Twister Cardigan, Inex Sleeveless Tee and Brush Shorts.

For activewear, naturally the choice was to use natural fabrics that are light, absorbent and quick to dry. All fabrics of choice are either organic and/or sustainable, including our soft and stretchy thin organic lycra, organic bamboo cotton and organic bamboo terry - an extra stretchy super cozy fabric that fits like a glove. To complete the look there is also a variation of stretch and non-stretchy net and a new super soft velvet.

Anastasia wearing our active streetwear Psylo in Motion

Above: Anastasia wearing our Nala Crop and Salak Tracks.

You’ll find in this collection designs that are created with grip and sustainability of endurance in mind. To hold the body in place while accentuating the natural shape of the body by playing with unconventional cuts and structures. No need to look square and boring following conventional ‘yoga-wear’ type of gear, on the contrary, looking your ultimate best self will bring out your ultimate best qualities. The inner and outer selves are a representation of each other.

Johan wearing our active streetwear Psylo in Motion

Above: Johan wearing our Ensu Singlet, Mudra Shorts and Wifi Gloves.

Other inspirations for this collection represent this particularly transforming moment in the history of our time as a collective. Some important things to remember are to BREATHE, EVOLVE, and keep your INTEGRITY throughout this moment, and forever. Letting these be a constant reminder during our daily physical and spiritual practice.

Also to act as reminders of the different layers to the concept of movement; the layer of “sport” for a healthy body. And the layer of “discipline” as bodily work to strengthen the connection to your heart centre, to bring focus, clarity, balance & harmony. A practice that is part of your path of evolving as a human being and becoming a better version of yourself. This collection is an ode to philosophy of healthy living as built on 5 pillars; consume clean energy - water, air & food; breath right, correctly & properly; practice heart connection through slowing down your thoughts; nourish unity, harmony & balance; charge & recharge your ‘Chi’ - power source.

Anastasia wearing our active streetwear Psylo in Motion

Above: Anastasia wearing our Revol Crop, Punch Bra Top and Arrow Leggings.

The inspiration for the concept shoot was a combination of raw unfiltered Balinese street art and graffiti in combination with the oldskool organic training methods so easily accessible anywhere you are. Fitness is a state of mind, it should be fun, simple and enjoyable. 

Johan wearing our active streetwear Psylo in Motion

Above: Johan wearing our Ensu Singlet, Mudra Shorts and Wifi Gloves.

The concept of bold & active style was brought to life in this lookbook with the help of our beautiful muses; sexy Anastasia who rocked it with her amazing kickboxing energy, and Johan who’s dance moves and funny character guaranteed a lot of laughs . Our loyal friend, photographer & collaborator Andrew Campbell once again proved his vision to be as clear and precise as ours! With full gratitude.

Anastasia wearing our active streetwear Psylo in Motion

Above: Anastasia wearing our Cray Crop, Bindi Mini Shorts, Cray Crop, Jempol Wristband and Legwarmers.

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