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Psylo Fashion's Alternative Clothing Stores


Find our flagship store and factory outlet on the 'Island of the Gods', Indonesia

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Psylo Fashion's Alternative Clothing Stores


Find our store at the heart of the Stables Market in London's Camden Town, United Kingdom.

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Psylo Fashion's Alternative Clothing Stores


Find our store in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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Psylo Fashion's Alternative Clothing Stores


Find our store in Koh Samui island, Thailand

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Psylo Fashion's Alternative Clothing Stores


Find our three boutiques in magical Tulum at Mexico's Riviera Maya

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Psylo Fashion's Alternative Clothing Stores


Find our store at Vienna's Donau Zentrum, Wien, Austria

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Have you been to one of our worldwide flagship stores? If yes, you’ll agree that more than just fashion boutiques, our alternative clothing stores offer a full Psylo experience.

Most importantly, first-class customer service is our mission, and “It’s nice to be nice” is our motto.

Together with the understanding that “a smile is the same in every language” - each new visit to a Psylo shop is a start of a new friendship. If you need any help with styling, our well-trained staff will gladly give you personal advice on how to match your style, body shape or budget.

But the Psylo style doesn’t stop at the clothes. Each shop’s decoration resonates our Ethno-punk style - that unique mix of punk, post-industrial chic together with tribal, ethnic or boho style. From industrial metal pipes or chains, to oriental lamps and traditional Balinese wooden-carved furniture - our alternative clothing stores act as the perfect backdrop and extension of our style. Following our vision and values, we also use upcycled wooden fittings from antique Balinese houses as part of our interiors (or exteriors!).

Apart from the distinctive look, perhaps you were drawn to the alternative music we play? We try to match the music style to the clothes - covering a wide range of alternative genres. With roots in underground music scenes and life of travels, you’ll probably won’t hear our daily soundtrack on mainstream charts. Our musical underlying theme is a unique sound, which sends that tingling feeling through your body and makes your feet wanna dance.

From the vibrant Quinta Avenida in Playa, to the home of alternative culture at the heart of Camden Town - If you are looking for a shopping experience that goes beyond, you’ll find it at Psylo Fashion.

psylo fashion - who we are


They say necessity is the mother of invention and Psylo’s clothing designs evolved out of a real need. Psylo’s founders, as other global travelers, tribal explorers, surfers, dancers and seekers of new experiences, realized that the men or women clothes they wanted and needed for their personal expression and their adventurous lifestyles had not yet been made.
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