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The Psylo family is made with our teams in design, production and retail. We're lucky to have a bunch of talented individuals and amazing humans in our global family. The people working at Psylo are as diverse as our clothing! Our motto is "a smile is the same in every language" :) Get to know the people who make your Psylo clothing and the friendly faces you met upon visiting our worldwide shops.


Our Design & Production Team

'Who Make Your Clothes?'

Proudly presenting the amazing people making your Psylo clothing. Giving you exclusive behind-the-scenes access. Come have a look inside “where the magic happens” and meet our team in action, in this exclusive premiere:


To help you get to know the people who make your Psylo clothing, and the people who help you style your best look - we've asked our team to answer a few questions. Here you can find their answers;


Our Bali Shops Team


Petitenget shop Psylo teamPetitenget shop team
Canggu shop Psylo teamCanggu shop team


Our London + Online Team



Our Playa + Tulum Team

Psylo Playa + Tulum team


Our Ko Samui Team

Samui team

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Happy to see Tehila, with whom we had partying at Doof and many other festivals, as well my virtual supporters number one in the world – Yael and Deniz! Love you girls, may you be happy in life!

mad mammi

Everything I’ve purchased from Psylo for my fiancée in the past 8 years has been absolutely stunning! It started off by us finding the Psylo store in Playa and we filled a suitcase then. Over the years the styles haven’t ceased to amaze us and the new styles just keep coming! It’s nice to have been able to put faces to those I’ve heard from and corresponded with in the past. Thank you to all your employees for putting out such wonderful styled clothing and hoping to see more styles coming out soon!

Marvin Bayer

Ciao siete fantastici continuate cosi Amazing

Ruggero Tollis

So lovely to meet your extensive team – more importantly to put a face to beautiful Deniz and Yael who have helped me so much on my recent order.

Love and light to you all,



How nice to see the faces behind the names and see such an interesting team. Lovely that such a cool and ethical company exists. Thanks for sharing
Dawn xx


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