"Finding the golden thread that creates beauty and comfort, and allows our truth to shine out".

Unique tribal clothing created by Alekai Golden Tear. Modern ethnic wear; comfortable and cozy kaftans and vests, beach, long dresses and unisex tops. Full of style and custom-made, hand block prints made with natural dyes (whenever and wherever possible!).All garments made with full love and dedication in India. 

Summer 2019 brings the release of Alekai's Massakai Collection.Inspired by African tribal art and Japanese sophistication, this years collection combines chunky unique textiles with feminine elegance. This tribal urban fusion can adorn wearers from city streets, to beaches, from festivals to Ibiza villas. We absolute love this year's collection - the maturity and fabrics take Alekai Golden Tear into both, more urban and more sophisticated environments. We hope you enjoy.