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Visit our Seminyak boutique for ethically-handcrafted clothing & the best vibes on the magical 'Island of the Gods'.

Address: 12b Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan, Bali Indonesia

Tel. +62 361 4730 700


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Our Bali flagship clothing store was opened in 2009 on Petittenget Street, a vibrant shopping hub at the heart of Seminyak. Seminyak is also home to Bali's best chill out spots. It's world-famous for its breath-taking volcanic mountains, lush jungles, beautiful beaches (for all you surfers!), and yoga and meditation retreats. Together with rich and diverse local cultures and traditions, making Bali the top of any world traveler's bucket list! These same reasons are also making it the perfect Psylo location, and a constant source of inspiration, for our Ethno-Punk style.

Psylo's Bali concept shop is part of a 'Psylo complex' which includes also two art galleries and a Body & Soul centre. This complex was built from recycled and antique wood - in the original spirit of Psylo's Ethno-Punk style. This is one of the many ways in which our Bali shop stands out from the other clothing stores that line Petittenget Street. With our design studio and factory being based just around the corner, this clothing store is also our factory outlet. So, expect to find many one-of-a-kind samples and exclusive prices on some of our surplus clothes.

Seminyak is home to Bali’s best chill-out spots. It is an island that’s known for its yoga and meditation retreats. Bali is also known for its beautiful mountains and beaches and is one of few places you can find such natural beauty. Psylo tries to find areas that embodies what the brand is all about. With a focus of nature, and being multicultural as well, Psylo is glad to have one of our homes located here!

If you're already be in Bali, or got your flight booked - make sure to visit Psylo's Bali concept store, and our home in the heart of this beautiful island!

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They say necessity is the mother of invention and Psylo’s clothing designs evolved out of a real need. Psylo’s founders, as other global travelers, tribal explorers, surfers, dancers and seekers of new experiences, realized that the men or women clothes they wanted and needed for their personal expression and their adventurous lifestyles had not yet been made.
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