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The Psylo Style: What Is 'Ethno-Punk'?

Rebelling against fast fashion trends in the global village, Psylo upholds pride in its originality and sustainability. Ethical and environmentally friendly, each piece is a timeless work of art and self-expression, created in the Psylo style. Infusing a strong essence of various Ethnic elements from different cultures, with a hint of bold, edgy, rebel and punk elements – making Psylo pioneers of the “Ethno Punk” style.

For centuries fashion has moved in directions that define society in boxes of social status, caste, genres, professions and many others. Those who refused to be defined by anything other than their true and sole identity began to rise, and they rose in style, through fashion and art. From one generation to the next, individuals found ways to create attires to show their identity; what they wear defines them as a person, an idea and a movement.

This also marks the breakthrough of alternative clothing and one of the reasons behind the birth of Psylo. Through our alternative designs, Psylo represents freedom of expression and collective consciousness. Over the years we have catered the needs of a diverse group of individuals through our edgy and ethnic-infused styles. You will find Psylo styles carrying various elements, from Tribal wear, Gothic clothes or style, Punk Rock, Indie, Emo, Steam Punk (or steampunk clothes), Darkside, Boho clothes and Rebel fashion. Which in essence are all sub-genres of Psylo’s Streetwear. All the designs have a strong essence of various Ethnic elements from different cultures, with a hint of bold, edgy, rebel and punk elements – thus we like to call our style “ETHNO PUNK”.


What sets us apart as a brand from other alternative clothing brands, is the fact that we indulge in freethinking and truly liberate our creative process, in ways that do not follow current fast fashion trends like the “indie trend”. Each and every single one of our alternative clothing collections is carefully thought of and inspired by primitive, ancient and modern art.

We are constantly growing and evolving, learning from worldwide cultural differences and putting all those together in a style that we believe free-spirited people would appreciate. Each season we create a new collection around a theme, which we thoughtfully choose based on certain inspirations. From there we combine it with diverse cultural elements, and then craft it along with our signature edgy, rough, and sometimes, unfinished cuts. You may catch a glimpse of our clothing through the prints, or in some plain styles, through the cuts, stitching, and finishing.

One thing is for sure, once you wear a Psylo, you’ll notice a Psylo on others, too.


Psylo thrives on delivering a sense of free expression through our alternative designs and celebrate individualities within collective consciousness as a whole. We invite you to celebrate with us.

Psylo Sustainability


Over the years, the label matured and expanded into an international creative team with in-house production in Bali and flag shops around the world. Still, each Psylo garment is individually handmade and hand printed, using natural & organic fabrics wherever we can. All in order to maintain the original spirit of Psylo & reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Story

psylo fashion - who we are


They say necessity is the mother of invention and Psylo’s clothing designs evolved out of a real need. Psylo’s founders, as other global travelers, tribal explorers, surfers, dancers and seekers of new experiences, realized that the men or women clothes they wanted and needed for their personal expression and their adventurous lifestyles had not yet been made.
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Psylo Fashion


Our design house is based in Bali, Indonesia. Located in the midst of a rice field, with nothing but greeneries as far as the eye can see. There is an organic garden where the employees are often indulging in harvest, and an organic pond right on the studio lot, to go fishing on during lunch break.
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