Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to sign up for an account to be able to order?
A: No. You can place your order by checking out as a guest. However, signing up for an account will make your next shopping easier, and faster.

Q: How do I change my account details?
A: To change your account details, edit, and add addresses, click “My Account”.

Q: What currency will I be charged in?
A: Our store operates in the default currency of GBP (£). Psylo will always process orders in our store's operating currency. Using the currency converter option will help you see how much you will be charged in your local currency. However, once you reach the checkout, transaction amounts will revert back to our default currency, GBP (£).
Exchange rates used by Psylo are refreshed twice a day based on the rates at Although rates are automatically scheduled to be updated at 00:00 GMT and 07:00 GMT, the updates might take place up to a couple of hours after their scheduled time.

Q: I can’t see my local currency on your currency option!
A: If your local currency is not listed in the selectable options, you can use and find your exchange rate information to get an idea of how much you will be charged approximately. 

Q: How can I hear about promotion and sales?
A: The best way to keep updated with our events, promo, and sales is to sign up for our weekly newsletter here, and follow us on all social media channels to get special offers.

Q: I am a regular customer. Can I get a special discount?
A: Yes! We recently added a Psylo Reward program dedicated for our loyal customers. If you feel like you’ve been a loyal Psylo customer and want to get on our VIP list, contact us! We will look into your account and determine if you qualify. Checking out as guest in every online transaction will void this, as we won’t be able to see your transaction log. Be sure to create an account!

Q: What payment method do you accept?
A: We accept payment by credit card and PayPal.

Q: I'm trying to pay with my credit card, but my card won't be accepted?
A: Please make sure you are using your card's registered address as your billing address. You have the option to edit your billing address to match the address your card is registered on. 

Q: I have a Gift Card. How can I use it?
A: Simply enter you Gift Card code upon checkout. To check your balance, click here

Q: Why can’t I use my Gift Card?
A: Please check the expiration date of your Gift Card. All our Gift Cards are valid for 1 year. If your issue with Gift Card is unrelated to its expiration date, please contact us.

Q: I have a discount coupon code. How can I use it?
A: You will need to submit your code upon checkout.

Q: Why can’t I use my coupon code?
A: Our coupon codes are released for limited time only. We use UK standard time, GMT+00 to set the coupon’s expiration date and time. Be sure to have detail information on the validity of the coupon, and cross check with your local time zone so you don’t miss out on our limited time offers.

Q: Can I use more than one coupon code on a single order?
A: Unfortunately, no. We only accept 1 coupon code per transaction.

A: Q: Why can't I add items to my shopping bag?
A: Your web browser probably has "cookies" disabled. What's a cookie you ask? It's a delicious treat, but it's also a small file stored on your computer that keeps track of what you're doing on our web site. This file allows us to "remember" what's in your shopping bag. Some people are worried that cookies can be used for profiling or even planting viruses. Psylo does not subscribe to either of these.

Q: What happens after I place my order?
A:  Upon placing your order you will receive an e-mail confirmation. One of our Customer Relations Team reviews your order to make sure your information is correct and that all the items that you have requested are available for immediate shipment. Our shipping department then packs your items and ships them.

Q: Why am I not receiving any e-mail confirmations?
A: Please check your "spam" filter settings. By rejecting unwanted junk email, you may be inadvertently blocking our messages. Some web-based e-mail (such as Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail) may block e-mail from unknown senders; you may also need to deactivate these settings or check your "junk mail" folder. When you get an email from Psylo, we suggest you choose to "allow sender". This will permit future emails from Psylo to reach you, without further problems. Adding our email address to your contact will help also.

Q: An item I’m interested in is out of stock. How can I purchase it?
A: Simply submit your email address on the provided column to receive a notification when the item has been re-stocked.

Q: I’m interested in an item from your poster / campaign, but could not find that particular product on your store!   
A: Don’t hesitate to contact us by email, we'll assist you with your questions. Please attach the poster / show the image of the product you're interested in.  

Q: I have received my order but am not sure how to wear it.
A: Aside from referring to the product photo, you can call a Psylo team member at +44 (0) 20 7267 6452. We’re always here to help!

Q: How do I cancel my order?
A: You can contact us by email or phone. For international orders, you can cancel your order as long as it has not been shipped. After that your order will need to be processed as a return for refund, not a cancellation. Please view our Return Policy here

Q: How can I ask a question about ordering?
A: If you can't find an answer to your question here, then please use our Contact Us Form. A Psylo Customer Relations Team will reply swiftly, and with helpful answers.

Q: How do your sizes work?
A: The majority of our garments fit a little snuggly to flatter all average fit body type. Please refer to Psylo Size Chart to help you assess which size suits you best. A broad information about the materials we use will help you get a better idea how the clothes will fit you:

Cotton Lycra
Most products are tight fitting, however the material is stretchy, so you have a lot of flexibility to choose between sizes according you your taste – whether you like it tighter, or a bit loose.
Size 1 – 4 is more specific for products that are meant to be tight fitting, and hugging. You will mainly see this in Tops, Dresses, and Leggings.
SM / ML fits more loosely, which gives more allowance for flexibility. You will mainly see this in Skirts, Kaftans, or Vests.

CVC Slub Double Knit
Cotton French Terry
CVC Cotton Terry
The fabric is stretchable but not elastic so it gives minimal flexibility in between sizes. It will never be a tight fit (Jacket) and we will use elastic / adjustable straps in the waistbands for extra fitting.

Cotton Canvas
Cotton Twill Stretch
Cotton Twill 16s / 20s
Cotton Linen
Sizes mainly go from 36 – 48. There is little to no stretch in the fabric. The cut is more tailored, and the fit is more specific, with almost no flexibility in between sizes. You need to refer to our size guide and get yourself measured correctly. If you need further assistance please call our Customer Service.

Belt Sizes
Some of our belts come in size 1 – 2 while others are One size fits All (OS)
Size 1 length is 115 cm, it fits waist size 36 – 43
Size 2 length is 125 cm, it fits waist size 42 – 48

Waist Belt Sizes
Size 1 fits 36 – 40
Size 2 fits 40 – 44

Q: Is there a specific washing instruction to care for Psylo product?

A: Most of our fabrics are natural, hand dyed, and some are Hand Knitted, and Hand printed (silk screen). Almost All products have been pre-washed to prevent shrinking. Because of this reason, our products should be washed in cold water, not exceeding 30ºC by hand or soft cycle in washing machine, and should never be tumbled dry in hot air.

Washing our product in Hot water, and on Heavy setting on the washing machine might damage the natural fibers.

Detergent or fabric softener that contains bleaching agents might cause fading of fabric or print colors.

If you dry your Psylo clothes in direct sun light, the UV light exposure might also cause fading of fabrics or print colors. 
For more information, you can view our Fabric Index & Care Instructions.



 Q: What kind of fabrics do you use?

A: Many of our products are made from 100% Organic Cotton, especially Tops, Dresses, and Leggings. We have a large selection of fabrics, each with unique features and characteristics. To learn more, please see the product descriptions by clicking on the images of the products themselves.
You can also view our detailed list of Fabric Index & Care Instruction.

Q: What’s the difference between 100% Organic Cotton and 100% Cotton?
A: Our 100% Organic Cotton fabric comes from cotton crops that were grown without any pesticides, and didn’t undergo a chemically toxic process to produce it. The growing and manufacturing of this type of Cotton are highly supervised, and each production is released with verifiable Certificates.
Our 100% Cotton Fabric comes from natural sources, of cotton crops, however, was grown with the inclusion of pesticides.
Find out more information about Organic women clothing, men clothing 

Q: Washing instructions?
A: to be updated with Ami

Q: Are your products pre-washed?
A: All Cotton items are pre-washed to minimize shrinking. To best protect the design features, machine wash in warm water (no more than 30°C / 86°F), hang to dry, or iron inside out. Direct UV light will cause discoloration. 

Q: How do you source your materials?
A: We as an Ethical Fashion Company are very careful in procuring materials. We do our best to obtain our materials from suppliers who can provide standard certification that shows their compliance to the European Standard and Organic Standard. Our Organic Materials are certified. Other materials are often obtained from local sources, as we do not support imported fabrics, and are very much in favor of local businesses. We prioritize the use of Natural fabrics as much as possible.

Q: How do you ensure that your products are ethically sourced?
A:  Psylo is a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of women clothing, men clothing, and children clothing. "Vertically integrated" means that we've consolidated all stages of production under one roof, from the design, cutting and sewing, right through to the photography and marketing itself. Having all production stages happening under one roof enables our management to directly supervise and maintain ethical working condition for all our workers. We provide a safe, healthy, and happy environment for our employee. Psylo complies with the harmonious local Balinese rules and regulations while providing living wages, health insurance, and pension for all the employees.