Alekai Golden Tear Boho-Chic @ Psylo Fashion

Alekai Golden Tear Boho-Chic @ Psylo Fashion

"Finding the golden thread that creates beauty and comfort, and allows our truth to shine out"

- Alekai Golden Tear


Those of you who’ve been to one of our flagship shops, need no further introduction to Alekai Golden Tear. But for those of you who don’t yet know this amazing designer - we’re proud to introduce you his unique boho-chic styles, now available online, too.


Alekai Golden Tear desgins at Psylo Fashion


In a similar way to Psylo’s story, Alekai creations were born out of a life of travel. After many years of wandering the globe, Alekai now resides and creates his unique tribal clothing in Goa, India. In a place symbolizing the traveler culture and the gypsy, hippie style. Surrounded by the tropical mango and coconut trees, contrasted by the red earth - all inspiring his creative process.


For Alekai, creativity is a way of sharing his own dreams and fantasies with the world. Together with his travel and local context, each design draws inspiration from “our beautiful earth; colors, patterns, textures, plants, birds, sounds, rocks, sunsets, trees, old temples, gorgeous architecture, tribal cultures…”. These all are mixed together with imagination and dreams into unique wearable-art.


Infusing East and West, old and new, Alekai creates gorgeous boho chic clothing made from silks bamboo and other “fun yummy” fabrics. These high-quality, natural and light fabrics are weaved using hand loom and other hand-made local traditions. The fabrics then go through a process of hand block print made with natural dye. The result is a collection of modern ethnic wear; Comfortable and cozy kaftans and vests, beach, long dresses and unisex tops. The rich natural environment is not only an inspiration to this collection, but also an aim. Using local traditions and natural fabrics and dyes, also helps Alekai in promoting the agenda of eco-friendly fashion. Proving by practice that we can do different, choose differently. If you haven’t met Alekai Decor designs before - you’re in for a visual treat! 


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alekai golden tear desgins at Psylo fashion
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