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Psylo Men

Ikat Shorts

Ikat Shorts

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Style & Fit

Ethno-Punk, classic relaxed shorts. A recommended piece to play on the edge, when you don’t want to be too casual.

* Straight-cut, short trousers in an asymmetric cut.

* Custom-made metal button and zipper closure.

* Twisted, snap-off fabric belt for adjusting the fit and adding unique style on the front.

* Small strap on the front right beltline for adjusting the fit.

* 4 pockets on the front.

* 1 pocket on the back left.

* 1 “look of” pocket on the back left.

* 1 very small, “secret” pocket.

* Decorated with custom-made, tribal metal studs on the pocket and belt.

* External, contrasted, criss-cross stitchings on the knees adding detail to the design.

* Custom-made metal studs embellishing the inner and outer sides of the knees.

* Semi-fitted, true to size.

* Relaxed look and feel, to fit your edgy style.

Material & Care

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