Of Inspiration and Trends

Of Inspiration and Trends

As an Alternative Clothing line, Psylo is expanding fast, and steady. The large demand of the niche that the brand represents plays its card well as it caters to members of sub-genre and sub-cultures of today’s society and lifestyles.

Although mainly calling the lines the “Ethno Punk” style, Psylo has continued to serve the Punk Rock scenes, the Tribal, Emo, Goth, Urban, Industrial and many other subcultures in street wear, and alternative fashion. The design team has so far maintain to not conform to the trends of times that has widespread popularity, but instead, creates it’s own inspiring trend.

Inspiration acquired from the arts, culture, and ancient history worldwide is essential in each of the season’s collection. The key to the Psylo look is ethnic art, sacred symbolism, combined with the 21st century manifestation of music and fashion. What emerge are styles of street wear with an underground culture at its core. Psylo thrives in combining contemporary modern art with a combination of primitive elements into the designs. Asymmetry is key, as the core of the creation of a Psylo piece relies heavily on finding harmony within chaos.

Aside from the artistic side, the main purpose of the design is to create multifunctional, versatile wear. Something you can wear during the day and then continue to take it out to dinner, which could end with a night of partying, because we are on the edge and there is no definite purpose of where you should wear them.

Psylo also released lines of accessories that are flexible, unisex, and has variety of purposes. From wristbands that came from a fusion of medieval age with futuristic industrial look, to multifunctional travel belts that you can wear with pride. It’s crucial to realize that although function is important, no one wants to wear a fanny pack anymore these days. Psylo breaks the door of the limitation between function and high fashion by releasing lines of highly-multifunctional unisex accessories that would make you want to be seen in public anytime you have them on, where someone would ask “Where did you get that from?” The answer is always: Psylo. 



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