A New Season

A New Season

That exciting feeling of a change in season, whether from winter to spring or summer to fall , sparking a change in energy. A sense that anything is possible - the new season bringing with it good vibrations, a metamorphosis of sorts. The most thrilling of all is digging out all those clothes you packed away last season, to make room for the new. Reintroducing yourself to those familiar garments, like dependable friends you haven’t seen in awhile. Your wardrobe, although clearly of worldly matter, is more than just your material items. Your clothing represents, and speaks for you in ways you might never be conscious of.

Clothing can be functional and versatile, they protect us from the cold and keep us cool in the heat, but they are also spiritual and carry us through life, collecting memories, scents and dreams. Psylo’s garments are designed with you in mind. The traveller in you, the dreamer the adventurer, the musician, the festival-goer, the rain-dancer, and we wait for you to breathe life into them. Clothing specifically designed to be versatile and adaptable. Taking you from urban to rural life, from day to night and from hot to cold.

At Psylo, we refuse be defined by anything other than our unique and sole identity, and proudly express ourselves through our fashion and art. Our clothes are born out of a personal expression and our adventurous lifestyles that we know you share. We create comfortable, stylish, statement outfits to suit our style of living, which many other like-minded individuals across the world have also adopted.

Our flagship locations in Bali, Thailand, Mexico, and London represent our love of travelling, but our clothing can also be found online and lovingly delivered to you no matter where you live. Psylo’s clothing is manufactured in our own factory, which is located in the center of Bali, Indonesia.The management of the factory is local and is therefore sensitive to the needs of the people. Because we won’t be defined and dictated by the current clothing manufacturing climate, we take the utmost care to respect our precious environment and all of life around us, and that means using 100% certified organic cotton. Our fabrics are natural and our dyes are water based.

Our mission is to encourage conscious living, through ethical clothing, through fair trade and through a free spirit. At Psylo we won’t be held down and dictated to by fast fashion, we encourage you to forget the rules, and wear what feels good on your skin and in spirit.


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