Luke Brown  X Psylo Collaboration

Luke Brown X Psylo Collaboration

As pioneers of the Ethno-Punk style, some of Psylo’s main sources of inspiration have always been art, culture, ancient history worldwide and inner & outer journeys. Our designs have always been carrying the message of free expression, individuality within a greater consciousness and a life of travel and exploration through different realms. These place Psylo within a greater Visionary Movement. Visionary art is where “the artist’s mission is to make the soul perceptible” (-Alex Grey). Art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based on such experiences. The role of art as a sacred bridge between the visionary realm of imagination and dreams, and the outer, physical world have always been part of the spirit of Psylo.

Luke Brown  X Psylo Collaboration

As part of a movement and a tribe, we love collaborating with like-minded artists. One of our collaborators is Luke Brown, an intrepid explorer and part of a new generation of visionaries reconstructing the templates of culture as we know it. As a painter, sculptor, fashion designer and visionary individual, this multi-talented yogi artist often infuses his spiritual values within the artworks he creates. His art speaks of the spiritual mysteries in the human imagination.

Alpha Centauri Crystal Forest Luke Brown Luke Brown  X Psylo Collaboration

Mystical experiences, dreams, medicine journeys and channeled lucid dialogues with the source of creativity itself, seem to guide and be guided by the colorful symmetries and living surfaces of Luke brown’s art. Found in many psychological and spiritual traditions, from Carl Jung ‘Collective Symbolic Unconscious’, to the Tibetans’ ‘Sambhogakaya’ (the dimension of inner richness) or the Aboriginal ‘Dreamtime’, understanding one’s inner world has always been key to personal and collective growth. By mapping hyperspatial experiences in a multidimensional cartography, the artist becomes a spiritual medium for growth.

Luke Top

Our collaboration was a match waiting to happen. In a mutual creative process, out-of-this-world illustrations were being incorporated in our crafted designs. Each piece of clothing transcending its simple utility to become a representation of imagination and dreams. The results are some of Psylo favorites, truly works of art! Here are some of the styles incorporating Luke Brown's artworks;

Luke Top | Crystal High Leggings | Tiger Sleeveless Hoodie | Talli Tee | Talli Singlet | Talli Sleeveless

Hope you enjoy the fruits of this collaboration as much as we do. Feel free to share your feedback in comments below.

Love, Psylo Team

Tiger Jacket Luke Brown Collaboration



Luke Brown  X Psylo Collaboration

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