Festivals are as much about what you wear as they are about which artists you watch.

To answer your question: “what to wear to a music festival this summer?”

We’ve created the Psylo Guide: 6 Festival Must-Haves for Summer 2018:

A Pocket Belt

No. 1 in our must-haves list of festival wear is the pocket belt. Because you’re not going to leave all your values in your tent. You don’t want to worry about leaving them around either. And you miss the days when phones were smaller and fit in your trousers pockets (if you have them!). Wearing a Psylo festival pocket belt gives you freedom and a peace of mind and adds an extra coolness to your outfit;

More festival pocket belts

A Hat (or cap)  

Dancing outdoors under the sun, you’ll want to cover with a hat to match your style;

more hats & caps

A Dust Mask

Especially on the playa at Burning Man or Boom, you want to be prepared against the dust. With one of our mask/ neckwarmers, you could protect yourself from breathing dust, or against the night chill. All in the Ethno-punk unique style;

Straps Hooded Neckwarmer

An Extra Layer (for when you stay up all night)

The coldest time of day is just before sunrise. If you stay up all night, not to miss your favorite act and all the beautiful sunrise colors, you want to stay warm and comfy. Without compromising your great festival outfit, you can get warm with a Psylo festival hoodie;

The Wow Factor

Festivals have always been about creativity and free expression. But even more in recent years, where festival fashion became “a thing”. So to really stand out from the crowd, you’ll want to go for the wow factor with a signature design;

For her:

Pisces Top

For him: 

ribbed wristbandmask sleeveless hoodie

A Personal Style Advice

You might be lucky enough to have a stylist friend. But even that friend is unlikely to have been doing festivals while wearing Psylo for as long as we have! If you would like to know;

  • What festival dress would fit your body shape?  
  • Which top matches best for the perfect festival outfit?
  • Or any other question you might have!

Then feel free toget in touch!

Our customer service team will gladly help you with style advice, Mon-Fri 10:30-19:00 BST.

You can also drop by any of ourclothing shops or ourfestival stall for a face-to-face styling session.

We hope this will help you stand out from the crowd in style and comfort in summer 2018 festivals (and beyond!).

Have fun & be safe!

Love, Psylo Team ღ


Shop Psylo's collection of festival clothing: 

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