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Slow Fashion & You: 5 tips for keeping clothes last longer

Tips for keeping your faves clothes last longer

Extending the life of your wardrobe is good for your wallet, and for our planet. With us here at Psylo being proud to be part of the slow fashion movement, we create designs for you to enjoy for the longest possible. To help you maintain your wardrobe and join the slow fashion movement - here are our top 5 tips for making your clothing last;

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1. Know Your Fabrics

Garments would eventually wear out, after repeated wearing and washing. But some fabrics are more durable than others. Usually, fabrics which are made from a single component and are 100% cotton (for example), are agreed to be more durable. Experts are divided over which fabrics are more durable - natural or synthetics? While some claim that synthetic fabrics are more long-lasting than natural ones. Others are taking into account all the material’s environmental effects - and prefer choosing natural materials only. To help you make these personal decisions, we have compiled a special guide, which includes fabric index and care instructions

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2. Do you need to wash it?

It’s a known fact that garments wear off quicker the more you wash them. So if you want to make your clothing last, make sure to not over-clean them, and put them in the machine only when you must. There are plenty of alternative ways to keep your clothing clean - from spot-cleaning stains, to hanging your clothes in the bathroom to be steamed, to using natural or homemade fabric refresher. To make your own fabric refresher, mix 3 parts water with 1 part vodka and use it in a spray bottle. You could also add your faves essential oil - but make sure first this will not stain the fabric! Plus, saving your clothing from over-washing will also decrease your water usage = better for our planet.

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3. Follow Washing Instructions & Care Advice

When your clothes do need a deeper cleaning, make sure to follow our washing guidelines! Always check the inner label of your Psylo for the care instructions for the specific fabric or material. You may also refer to our material & care guide here. As a rule of thumb, most Psylo’s clothing and accessories are to be washed at 30 degrees, or cold wash settings - to make them last longest. We always recommend also drying in the shade, to decrease sun fading damage to the clothing. Or if you’re using a dryer - dry your Psylo on cold or low heat settings to preserve the fabric better.

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4. Protect from Moths

The number 1 enemy of clothing, especially when they’re made from natural materials, are moths. To protect your wardrobe, use cedar wood or lavender. Both are natural moth repellent. For those garments which are dear to your heart - we recommend also storing them in special clothing bags, which you can purchase, or make your own from old cotton bed sheets.

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5. Fix & Repair

Part of maintaining a long-lasting wardrobe, is dealing with wear-and-tear when the need arises. Before you throw- or give-away, consider repairing. If you’re lucky to have the skills or tools to fix small tears, seams opening or any other small repairs - please put them into good use! Or you could support your local tailor and get all your repairs done while supporting your local community. Win-win!

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6. Meet Our Timeless Essentials 

There are certain pillars of Psylo, which makes us proud to be part of the slow fashion movement. Being Slow Fashion means advocating for and manufacturing with respect to people, environment and animals. For us this means choosing to use organic or natural or even upcycled materials. Our organic cotton fabrics carry the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) standard. Meaning beyond being certified organic, it’s taking into account also broader sustainable practices. Like social responsibility of the manufacturers. The same fairtrade values are also carried within our factory in Bali itself. Where all 60 workers are being respected as fellow-humans and equal members of our family. Being Slow Fashion is also about creating long-lasting clothing. Both in terms of high-quality materials, for the durability of the garments themselves. And also in terms of creating timeless designs, to create a style that you do not need to change every season…

This is why each yearly collection is curated by selecting from all-stars clothing from previous years, together with a few new styles to add, expand, and give you a fresh feeling - without having to replace your entire wardrobe. We call these best-selling all-stars ‘Essentials’. The styles which became our signatures, and should be the “basics” of any Psylover’s wardrobe. Or a great introduction to the Psylo style for new-comers! Take a look at our Essentials styles by clicking below;

Essentials for Her Essentials for Him
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