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Combining electronic sounds and metal - Season of Ghosts are breaking the norms. Seasons of Ghosts, of SoG, were formed in 2013, and have roots in the Japanese trance metal. SoG mix “guitar riffs, harsh electronics, and compelling vocals through the eerie spectrum of a sci-fi, horror movie”. According to their singer / songwriter / mastermind Sophia Aslanides, SoG “is a spiritually groundbreaking, intergalactic music project, dedicated to the love for the unseen and film soundtracks.”

In 2018 SoG released a new album, ‘A Leap of Faith’. Following ‘The Human Paradox‘, their previous album, “‘A Leap of Faith’ is a real rock album” Metal and High Heels Magazine. This unapologetic, in-your-face album required SoG to refresh their looks and match a rocking style. Psylo clothing was an obvious choice.

In the video for ‘A Place to Call Home’, both Paulo (bass) and Max (drums) are wearing full Psylo;

In their following video, ‘A Leap of Faith’, you can already see all 4 members of SoG wearing Psylo;

Hope you enjoy the fruits of this collaboration as much as we do. Feel free to leave your feedback in comments!

Love, Psylo Team

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