Summer '17 Collection // inspired by Prehistoric Art

“Originality consists in returning to the origin.”

-Antoni Gaudi

Exploring history through art has always been a source of inspiration for us in Psylo.

In this season we dived into prehistoric times, studying art originating around 12,000 BC and earlier.

These ancient creations withstood the last ice age, and date back to a period pre-modern history.

Psylo Fashion Summer 2017 Collection inspired by Rock Cave Prehistoric Art

Out of the various expressions of art we came across in our journey,

We were mostly enchanted by the mysterious Cave Art. 

Found all around the world, these paintings with questionable dates and meanings called to us.

The simplicity of the drawings, with an almost infantile style

Combined with a different sense of scale and proportion fascinated us.

Which primitive culture left these marks and why? Were they children's drawings,

The representation of dreams, or perhaps the expression of visions?

Psylo Fashion Summer 2017 Collection inspired by Rock Cave Prehistoric Art

These are only some of the questions raised by our journey into prehistoric times.

More than an inspiration, they became a channel into an ancient knowledge and collective consciousness.

We urge you to search and question yourself, through this wide range of art.


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