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Up-cycling @ Psylo: Sustainability & Style

As conscious people striving for a life of awareness, Psylo tries to take the utmost care of our environment and all life around us. as part of our efforts towards sustainability, one of our pillars has always been our commitment to working with natural or organic material whenever we can.

But with pressing environmental issues, and as concerned global citizens, we were looking to minimize our environmental impact even further.


alternative clothes


Over the years, one of our challenges in achieving a more sustainable production has been finding an ethical material as an alternative to leather. Although leather can be seen as using a waste material, thus sustainable, some see it as supporting the meat industry. The main challenge in finding an alternative material to leather is its strength and durability. Which is especially important to us when designing Psylo accessories. So we thought - what other material has the qualities of strength and durability?



There are currently an estimated 4,000,000,000 tyres in landfills and stockpiles worldwide. With every year, there are 1,000,000,000 tyres more. Making the waste tyres a pressing problem. Saving this waste material from ending up in landfills, we incorporated it into Psylo designs. In recent collections (and upcoming ones!), we have been using upcycled bike tyres and inner tubes as an alternative for leather. The bike tyres and inner tubes are strong and durable. And as important, the result looks great! Adding a post-apocalyptic touch to Psylo’s Ethno-Punk style.


alternative clothesalternative clothesalternative clothesPsylo Fashion Vmix T Belt


But recycled tyres are not the only upcycling we do in Psylo HQ.

Instead of sending our fabric cuts to landfill, we upcycle them and use them as part of our designs. Recently, we've incorporated fabric up-cycling innovations in the refurbishment of our Seminyak flagship store. Giving the shop a facelift, the fabric scarps helped to create Eco-Concrete, and are now a permanent part of our shop's floor. 

We also reuse our fabric scraps as a design feature, in a distinctive style of irregular patchworks. Called the Pecoa style, it became one of Psylo’s signatures, loved for its unique look.


Psylo Fashion Pecoa Sleeves RmxPsylo Fashion Abstract Pecoa Legwarmers | alternative clothesPsylo Fashion Abstract Pecoa Gloves | alternative clothesPsylo Fashion Pecoa Mini Skirt | alternative clothes


Psylo was born out of necessity - our need for clothes to accompany a lifestyle of travel and free expression. In a similar way, out of a need to become as eco-friendly as possible, the Psylo design team have been taking on the challenges and responding through our designs.

We invite you to explore these alternative clothes lines and unique garments.

We hope that by wearing them, they’ll remind you of our daily actions impact on our planet. Our home.

Love, Team Psylo ღ


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