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May 22, 2023

Embrace the Dark Wave @ Wave Gotik Treffen with Psylo




We admire your captivating and enigmatic personalities, each with its own unique flair. As we dive into the realm of darkness and creativity at the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival, we want to celebrate your exceptional style with our thrilling WGT 2023 FESTIVAL GIVEAWAY!🖤

Unleash your inner fashion maestro and share your mesmerizing festival looks with us. Whether it's a spellbinding ensemble or a mysterious accessory, we want to see how you embody the spirit of Wave Gotik Treffen. By participating, you stand a chance to win a phenomenal £300 Psylo voucher!

Capture your dark and alluring festival style and share it with us on social media using the hashtag #PsyloWGTStyle. Show us how you embrace the darkness, express your individuality, and redefine gothic fashion in your own unique way.

Images from the Psylo WGT community

How to enter?

Follow these simple steps to enter the giveaway:

FOLLOW @psylofashion

⓶ SHARE your favourite festival outfit on Facebook or Instagram

TAG #PsyloWGTStyle @psylofashion on the image/video/Reel you upload

EXTRA ENTRY: SHARE our Giveaway on your feed or story (each counts one extra)


Our team of judges will carefully select the most mesmerising and captivating styles. The lucky winner will be awarded the £300 Psylo voucher, unlocking endless possibilities to enhance your wardrobe with our ethically crafted, dark-inspired creations.

Join us in celebrating the essence of Wave Gotik Treffen and showcase your extraordinary style. Let your creativity run wild, and together, we will continue to shape the gothic fashion landscape.

May the darkness guide you and bestow upon you the gift of true self-expression. 

Stay Stylishly Dark!




▪️This campaign is valid from 19 - 29 May 2023 on Instagram & Facebook ▪️The winner is announced on 5 June 2023 on @psylofashion Instagram and Facebook ▪️Must complete the first 3 steps above to enter either on Facebook or on Instagram ▪️Entering on both Instagram & Facebook means double entry ▪️Wearing Psylo clothes on the images is not mandatory, but means extra entry ▪️Must use a real account (no fake and spam accounts allowed)  

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May 29, 2023

Fantastic gear. Fit well. Wears well.

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