Collection: Avant-garde Body Adornments by Costume Therapy Jewellery

Costume Therapy invites you to unleash the savage beauty contained in all of us. Designed to empower and transform the wearer, these exquisite symbols of identity were conceived to assault and mesmerize. Otherworldly adornments, intended to haunt the senses, ignite erotic play and conjure your inner carnage.

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Otherworldly Body Adornments by Costume Therapy

Dynamic, sculptural jewelry composed of exoskeletal silhouettes, anatomical forms, and intuitive articulation. Movable parts align and synchronize with every movement of the body in a choreographic rhythm. Seamless sequences of scales, joints, and vertebrae arranged in motional symmetry.

With strong influences from an imagined alien realm, the collections are reminiscent of mystical creatures and biological armour, with exoskeletal frames encasing the wearer and anatomical contours rippling along the surface of the skin. Rich in details, technically sophisticated, and always sensual in essence.

Performance meets fashion here, where jewelry is no longer a foreign, static object but an intimate and interactive constituent of the human body. Find out more about this designer in our article: Statement Jewellery @ Psylo.

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