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Our Story - Psylo Fashion

Our story began with Ami Ganiel and Dan Keller, two best friends. They were also (and still are) travelers, adventures, light warriors, rain dancers and party-goers. They realized that the clothes they wanted and needed for their personal expression and their adventurous lifestyles were not readily available at the time. Out of these needs, they began to create comfortable, stylish, defining attires to express and suit their lifestyles.

From the first collection release in the new year of 2,000, Psylo quickly grabbed the attention of unique like-minded people and rapidly expanded. Short after that, we set up our own factory in Bali, Indonesia. Manufacturing the Psylo line in Bali allows us to build upon local traditions of design, arts and crafts. Where local tailors and artisans are competent in the necessary complex and cutting-edge stitching techniques, mineral washes, color discharge, hand knitting and a variety of application techniques which create Psylo designs. As a vertically integrated manufacturing company, we have consolidated all stages of production under one roof. From the design, cutting, screen printing and sewing, right through to the photography and marketing itself, all is done by our personally-trained staff.

At first, Ami Ganiel single-handedly created Psylo designs for both Men and Women lines. As we grew, we developed and delivered artistic collaborations crafted by duo husband & wife, Ami Ganiel and Shoki Nasseri, who joined Psylo in 2005. Over the years Psylo continued to grow and expanded into a full manufacturing company. The multinational design team has been infusing their exceptional character into the creation of Psylo styles that still exist today. Despite the upscaling of producing, every piece of Psylo clothing continues to be produced with all of their original intent.

Starting as two friends selling their original designs out of a camper van in music festivals, in 2007 we opened the first Psylo flag shop in the famous Camden’s Stables Market in London - home of alternative and underground culture. Following its success, Koh Samui flag shop was opened in 2010. The shop at Playa Del Carmen in 2014 and Tulum in 2016. Our shop in Bali has been in operation since 2009. Still connected to where we started we continue to bring Psylo designs to music festivals around the world every summer. We hope you will visit us next time you are around!


2006. Psylo opens its first store in Bali on the famous ‘Legian street’ where thousands of foreign tourists visit each year. 

2007. Psylo opens its second store in the funky Camden Town of London. 

2009. Psylo opens its third store in the same area of Camden Town, London. The shop is 100sqm and fully designed and decorated in the Psylo style.  All materials & decorations are brought from Indonesia creating a unique future primitive look. At this time “Psylo Fashion LTD” is registered in the UK.

2011. Psylo Bali store is relocated to a different location in ‘Petittenget street’ , a very upcoming high-end developing street in Seminyak. The shop is part of a Psylo ‘complex’ which includes two other galleries and a Body & Soul centre. The complex is made from recycled and antique wood, in the original spirit of Psylo Future Primitive Style.

2011. February. Psylo Opens its fourth store in the main shopping street of the very touristic Island Koh Samui, in the south of Thailand. The shop is 100sqm, designed in the Psylo original style, giving the shop a warm yet exclusive feel. 

2014. March. Psylo Opens its 2nd Shop in Koh Samui in the new open-air Shopping Center “Central”. The shop is 90sqm, designed in the Psylo original style.

2014. November. Psylo Opens in the touristic & trendy town of Playa Del Carmen in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. The shop is 60sqm, designed in the Psylo original style. 

2016. June. Psylo Opens its in the exotic & beautiful beaches of Tulum in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. The shop is 40sqm, designed in the Psylo original style. 

2017. December. Psylo closes Koh Samui's "Central" branch. Instead of having 2 small shops, the "Chaweng" branch has been expanded to double its size and redecorated.   

2018. December. Psylo opens it's 6th location at Donau Zentrum, Vienna Austria.

2021. December. Psylo opens its 2nd shop in the exotic & beautiful beaches of Tulum in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

It has been a beautiful journey of growth for Psylo - as individuals, as a collective, as a style.

The future is full of wonder and we are open to what may come on our path.

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