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Costume Therapy

New Tech Claws Ring by Costume Therapy

New Tech Claws Ring by Costume Therapy

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Midi, knuckle rings by Costume Therapy, with extended claws for pleasure or prey. The base of the claw is slightly concave so it comfortably hugs the shape of your finger. The adjustable ring ensures a firm grip. Oxidized to emphasize every detail and accentuate its sculptural features.

These rings are available in 2 sizes; small for your pinky finger, and large for all other fingers. Wear 5, one on each finger for maximum impact. 



Size 1 (pinky finger) Length: 3.7cm | Width 1cm | Inner diameter of ring: 1cm

Size 2 Length: 5cm | Width: 1.2cm | Inner diameter of ring: 1.4cm


Material: Signature alloy of brass and titanium

To clean: use a clean damp cloth without any chemical or abrasive substances.

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