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As soon as our restock's “early birds” styles were ready, we gathered our creative team to share these summery inspirations with you. These edgy looks are designed to express your style throughout hot summer days & nights out. As a Slow Fashion brand, we aim to bring you truly timeless style - skilfully handcrafted by our team of local artisans. So you’ll find the outfits curated from our all-star favourites, mixed with new and upcoming styles. Creating a time-transcending Ethno-Punk look in the spirit of Psylo.

Perfect for when the temperatures are getting high, these easy-going clothing & accessories will give you maximum style, with minimum effort. Wearing them you’ll feel empowered by your stylish outfit, yet comfortable like wearing a pyjama. An irresistible combo ;) Grooving on summer vibes, you’ll find in these inspirations clothes made mostly from our organic cotton or sustainable bamboo. These yummy fabrics are light, breathable & extra-soft on your skin, and the environment, alike.

Before we jump in, a massive thank you goes to our team. Putting together the outfits we love the most from our current (and upcoming!) collections, with the help of the gorgeous Kylee @kyleej_ and Isaac @isaacworld - bringing their energetic vibes. Helped with production by Valleska @balishoot_by_baliprod, videography by Christian @christiansdp, photography by Ronan @ronanlemaire and makeup artist Malia @maliankhan @malialik @looklab.bali. Thank you for sharing your magical talent and helping us present the current Psylo outfits we love the most.


Groove into your summer with these Psylo looks to inspire you:


Style inspirations for him

14 Garments. 5 Days-to-Nights. 5 Moods.


Our favourite men’s outfits are styled to see you throughout the day. From out-and-about daytime to darker nighttimes. These 5 looks are what we like to call “Street-Smart”. They’re about mixing street style with a punk attitude and being part of subversive movements, without looking like one of their soldiers or a cliche. So more stealth, not too hippy or too gothic, while still being edgy and reflecting your individualism. Which is your winning combination to wear in today’s urban environment.



“Imagine the DJs or festival organizers - they always look cool, and 100% part of the alternative scene. Yet their style would be ‘smarter’, less extreme and not as hippie as the outfits of the people who go to their events… This more mature festival style, this is the inspiration for the looks we envisioned here.”

- Ami Ganiel, Psylo’s Creative Director



01_ Dark _ Style _ Mood

Starting on the Darkside, our fave first look takes the nonconformist Kuan Hooded Top, for the more daring among you guys. Matched with the utility, semi-fitted & multi-pockets Magnus Pants which break many patterns and traditional rules. Adding the Assassin Wristbands because it looks extremely strong and is sci-fi-inspired. This cyberpunk accent on the overall outfit makes it look between edgy dark style to the urban alternative.



02_ Boho _ Hippie _ Chic

Our fave second look is a great example of how many of our clothing can be styled to fit your mood. The same Magnus Pants, featured in our first dark look, are matched here with our Slit Hoodie Jumper. Chosen in a light colour, this double-knitted sweater softens the utility effect of the olive trousers. Taking this outfit towards a more Boho, Hippie-Chic style.



03_ Casual _ Alt _ Urban

In our fave third look, we start at night - with the Zentangle Tee. Don’t be mistaken, this is not an ordinary long sleeves T-shirt. Made from sustainable bamboo, the silky fabric is quilted in our signature triangular pattern, which is inspired by sacred geometry. The black T-shirt, paired with the Congo Pants, with its semi cargo pockets - gives a street, casual and Alt, yet smart, look. While for daytime, going with the U.D. Tee (which stands for “Upside Down”). Where the traditional buttoned men’s Tee got a Psylo twist. Still keeping a semi-tailored urban look that is casual and alternative.



04_ Alternative _ Basics

For our fave fourth look, we’ve kept the Congo Pants style, as they’re the perfect “street smart” trousers. This time in black, it’s paired with the Blended Sleeveless Tee in the same colour for an “all-black-everything” smart look. For those who live on the ‘rebel’ side of life, the offside Mandarin collar of this Tee gives the perfect twist. And when it’s dawn and dark, you need a warmer layer, like the cosy Kenny Hoodie. Adding a hint of colour to spice it up. The teal colour makes things more lively while keeping this look on the edgier side of alternative basics.



05_ Street _ Smart _ Urban

Something about keeping the bests for lasts… Our fave final outfit for men is a winner when it comes to a “street-smart” urban style. This black Karma Buttoned Tee gives a classic plain front, and a geometric pattern printed on the back. Adding a bit of sparkle and flavour to this Tee and our lives. Paired with the Psylo take on the classic, fitted, denim “skinny trousers”, with our signature asymmetric pockets. Made from our stretchy cotton twill, in light cement colour these Groovy Pants are perfect for the summer vibes. Matching with the Pecoa Belt made from up-cycled fabric scraps, and the Maya Gloves for tattoo-style detailing on your arms.



Style inspirations for her

21 Garments. 5 Days-to-Nights. 5 Moods.


Our 5 favourite women’s outfits are inspired by the overarching theme of ‘Summer Fun’ - from festivals to beach parties to hot nights out. This bold theme is taken into different moods, 5 looks to match your current day or night. Also, as it’s summer, everybody loves showing a bit of skin. So with the temperatures rising, you’ll find some of the outfits on the spicier side. Balanced with more relaxed fits, light fabrics and loose cuts, that will keep you chill, cool and fresh. Giving you the option to dress how you feel today.



“You’ll wear them to your favourite gatherings this summer to feel confident. Be it your favourite rave, party, festival or every event you’re looking forward to this summer. Attracting the right attention, you’ll also wear these looks around town with your non-conformist attitude.”

- Ami Ganiel, Psylo’s Creative Director



01_ Boho _ Hippie _ Chic

Our favourite first outfit is inspired by a daytime beach party or a night out at your favourite festival. The Seminyak Top is a celebration by itself - made from organic cotton, the fabric is screen-printed with a design inspired by lost civilizations. This fitted top is balanced with the long wraparound Nana Skirt. By pulling on the straps of this skirt, you can add volume and play around with its cut in the way that flatters your body the most. Completed with the Braided Gloves matching the colour and braiding detail of the top. This feminine look gives a boho feel with a hippie-chic style.



02_  Magical _ Days _ Out

No summer edition is complete without a good pair of harem pants! When made from natural, breathable and light material, these festival staples are a must-have in your summer wardrobe. Not to mention, they’re extremely comfortable. In this fave second outfit, take as base the Lay Pants and their practical pocket. Their flowy cut is balanced by a fitted singlet, Straps Rmx Top, which is made from organic cotton. While the Ben Studded Gloves add a bit of sparkle to this set. With a touch of punk by adding the up-cycled Speed Choker. Fun-ready for your magical days out.



03_ Spicy _ Urban _ Street

Balancing the “sexy” with the “sacred”, our favourite third look brings you spicy, street-style & urban vibes. The Jaya Mini Dress is made from organic cotton, featuring an open-back detailing and a sacred geometry, tribal print. Making it the perfect “little summer dress”. The up-cycled Debra Wristbands and Runes choker are added to punk up this look. For the cooler nighttime, The Mahayana Jacket, with its wide collar, will empower you while keeping you cosy.



04_ Cool _ Dark

Our fourth favourite will take you from day to night, in chilled vibes from the darker side. With the top and bottoms made from super light, soft and breathable natural fabrics, you’ll be feeling fresh all day long. The 7/8th length with the semi ‘shalwar’ cut of the Kimo Pants, combined with the unisex Kuan Top, bring a ‘tomboy’ flavour to this cool dark look. Added with the studded Jempol Wristbands and Pound Jacket and you get even more Punk attitude for nighttime. Looking bold, this set will get you noticed.



05_ Funky _ Dark

Going raving, clubbing or partying? Our final favourite is your must-have. Going for a funky dark style with the Beetle Hooded Jumpsuit in black. This festivals essentials can be worn throughout the day in several ways. Either wear it as a full bodysuit, or as mini shorts. If worn as hot pants, matching with a black crop top, like the asymmetric Laced Bra Top. Complemented by funky Corset Waist BeltRibbed Vmix Gloves and Jaya Legwarmers - and you are ready to paaaarty. In the later hours, throw on a vest, with a hood or without, like the Mad Max Vest (coming fall-winter 2022!) - and your evening look just completed itself. 




There you have it. The five+five outfits we’re loving the most right now.


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