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The story of the 13 Crystal Skulls is one of very few legends that cross over cultures and times. The Mayans, The Aztecs, the Native Americans, and other indigenous people around the world contemporarily share them.

The core element of the 13 Crystal Skulls legend is that each skull crafted by Spiritual Masters/Elders. They infused their energy into the skulls, to be passed down to their disciples. In a way, the skulls were intended to hold powerful knowledge.

Centuries have passed, the skulls were lost; however the stories continued to be told through generations.

The prophecy said that at a pivotal time in humanity's history, the 13 crystal skulls will be reunited to awaken a new era - transforming from an old paradigm into a new world, restoring balance.

The mystery continues, while wonder ensues.

Nevertheless, the marvel of the 13 Crystal Skulls has captivated the heart of our creative team, bringing you this collection inspired by the legend.




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