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Behind the Scenes @ Psylo HQ

In just over a week, we’ll be launching the first part of a very special new line: Psylo’s gender-fluid collection. Like all our designs, this collection was conceived and created all under one roof - our Bali HQ. So while we’re getting ready to present you this new line - feels like the perfect moment to share more about how Psylo’s alternative and ethical streetwear is created. As an independent design brand, and part of the slow fashion movement - we pride ourselves in creating all our designs from A to Z. Today, we’re delighted to share with you what this actually means - with more details about our process;

Each Psylo design starts it’s life in our design studio. Inspired by colourful lifestyles, the Psylo design team, led by Shoki Nasseri and Ami Ganiel - infuse inspirations from various Arts and cultures, together with alternative cuts and unique materials - to create bold clothing and accessories. To realize each design, they’re helped by our dedicated team of skilled and loving craftswomen and men.

One of the main signatures of the Psylo style are our tribal artworks and grungy textured prints. The Psylo artworks are all created and prepared for silk-printing by our graphic designer, Najib. Who, like most of our team - has been working with Psylo for many years! Apart from being responsible for our artworks, editing videos and images from our photoshoot, and much more - Najib is also the main dude bridging between Psylo’s design and sample teams.

Realizing a new Psylo usually starts with choosing the right fabrics. Which later on should be cut precisely according to the size variations, and with as less waste as possible. The majority of fabrics we use are natural, mainly sustainable bamboo, organic cotton and linen. In some cases, we’re using synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon spandex - which are combined in low percentage in certain styles for their strength, elasticity and durability. To cut the fabrics precisely, according to our strictest standards of sizes and shapes, we're using a computerized pattern system. The fabric left-overs, which we cannot use in the garment, we up-cycle most of them for our Pecoa Line.

Once the fabrics have been cut, all the designs which include printed artworks - are passed to our printing team. Using manual silk screen-printing techniques, our printers transfer the unique artworks and textures onto the fabric. The colours we’re using, although not natural, are water based. Before going into the sewage system, they’re being passed through filtering systems - to decrease the imprint left behind. To stabilize the colours and ensure they last longest, each print is also heat-pressed individually.

Now, that the pieces of fabric are ready to be assembled, our tailors take over. Most of the sewing work is done here at our HQ. Although some of our team have their own sewing machine at home, and prefer to continue working there, while looking after their children. Realizing Psylo's unique cuts and stitching technique requires excellent tailoring skills and we're proud to say our team is the best for the job!

After the clothes have been sewn together, it’s time for all those important final touches. It’s all in the details! Which is why so many of our designs include hand-finished detailing. Our metal details, such as studs, rings, hooks, snap buttons, etc. are all custom-made for Psylo. To place them accurately, our team uses their immaculate precision when working on samples. Later on, special templates are helping achieve the exact position for each size variation. Other detailing, such as braiding or “unfinished” ‘look of’ hems are done by the loving hands of our quality control team. These incredible women with amazing eye for detail, take care to give this unique finishing touch, which Psylo is recognized with.

Lastly, after being checked and packed with our biodegradable packaging, and before leaving Psylo’s HQ - each piece is blessed and cleared from negativity as we want to provide only High-Frequency Clothing. Following local traditions, It is believed that in the creation of something new, the energy of the creator is mixed into the design. So to cleanse it from any negative energy or vibration, or lower frequency, that might have gotten into it in the process of creation - each Psylo garment is cleansed, before being sent out to the world.

This moment of excitement before releasing new styles is also a good opportunity to thank our community for all your support over the years. It’s your support that enables us to keep creating ethically, while pushing boundaries. Thank you for being part of this amazing journey!


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Wowowowow muero por verlos, y tenerlo los nuevos modelos, increíbles en todos los sentidos, excelentes diseños, prendas duraderas, amigables con en el entorno y precio justo
Amo Psylo
gracias por todo


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