@catinawitchhat X Psylo Collaboration

@catinawitchhat X Psylo Collaboration

Alice Treloar, aka @catinawitchhat, describes herself as a “darkling witch elf from both the woods and the wasteland”. Committed to thrifting and sustainable fashion only, Alice follows Gothic, dark and post-apocalyptic aesthetics, and creates her outfit looks by developing fantasy personas. For the 4 different character's looks below, Alice used Psylo clothing, together with her private collection - built from years of thrifting around New South Wales Australia’s 2nd hand shops and markets. 



“Tilting her head towards the heavens, the nomadic Wastelander scanned from one end of the shimmering horizon to the other. She struck a lonely figure amidst the salt crags, nearly invisible against the sand due to the dust-colored cloak and hood. Slung across her shoulders was her bag of meager possessions, makeshift things that nevertheless her only source of bartering within the depths of the desert....”

@catinawitchhat for Psylo Fashion the 'Wastelander' post-apocalyptic look

Cronulla Sand Dunes at New South Wales, Australia, acted as the perfect backdrop for Alice’s ‘Wastelander’ look. Originally an aboriginal site, Cronulla Sand Dunes were the actual film location for ‘Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome’! Our Tosca Hooded Scarf, made from up-cycled fabric scraps, resonates that same post-apocalyptic style. Ready for the Fury Road!



“The path snaked through the red dunes like a dried up river. In the distance, looking like the levels and pillars of some huge, ancient temple, a motorway bridge lay fallen and buried in the dust. A dark figure broke up the monotony of the endless blue of a heat-sizzled sky; a Scavenger in a patchwork hood the color of the jagged rocky crags thrust up from the baked earth. She pulled the hood around her tightly against the sun, scanning the shimmering horizon as her makeshift skirt fluttered in the wind. Silence stretched out before her along with her shadow. Vastness. Emptiness. A kingdom of dirt.”

@catinawitchhat for Psylo Fashion the 'Scavenger' post-apocalyptic look

Post apocalyptic style shoots are Alice’s most favorite aesthetics and shoots to do;

“I find the whole universe of Mad Max to be so fascinating; how communities form together and how resourceful they are with clothing and machinery and tools”.

Our ‘Pecoa’ designs carry both post-apocalyptic style aesthetic, and concept. To create the ‘Scavenger’ look, Alice used our Pecoa Hoodie Shrug, Hi5 Skirt and Pecoa Arm warmers, together with second hands items bought from markets.



“The ruins of the cliff-side Abbey stretched high and dark towards the grey skies like bare winter branches, casting deep looming shadows over the figures that moved silently among them. They were a secret people, whispered about around the family table by flickering candlelight. They were said to dress only in black, with skirts that brought shrouds of darkness as they swished, and cowls that could transport them to the umbra planes themselves. Some even said that their belts, that contained all matter of bottled secrets and pouches of toxins unknown, were made of skin from the fabled Onyx Salamander. Only those foolish or overconfident spoke their name out loud, an accompanying dread settling over them like the shroud of a corpse soon after the name passes through their lips.   


@catinawitchhat for Psylo Fashion the 'Nightblade' dark ninja elf look

For her 3rd character's look, Alice chose a more dark and edgy approach. Wearing Psylo’s Armadillo Crop Sweater, Chiffon Braided Top, Le Rmx Skirt and Roach Belt - to create a ninja-dark-elf look. As backdrops, an old Scottish church and a wild Australian beach were chosen. Bringing together the Psylo's Ethno-Punk vibes of mixing dark, Gothic and a nature-loving into a unique concept.


'Bonespeaker Shaman'

“She lives alone up in the Dead Woods, where the trees twist and jut out of the earth as white as bleached bones, curving towards the dusky sky. They say she speaks to the bones, drawing wisdom and magic from their white splinters and hollow sockets. Seek her out and she may whittle you a carved rune bone for protection, but be warned there is always a price to pay...”

Alice Treloar @catinawitchhat for Psylo Fashion 'Bonespeak Shaman' outfit

To create this character of bones-reader, skulls-speaker shaman, Alice choose an outfit in Psylo’s lighter colors. Our newer Olmac Tunic in off-white gives immediately the right tone to this style. Complemented by our Bogo Pants, which are decorated with a print inspired by Bògòlanfini "mud cloth" patterns. Traditionally, Bògòlanfini practice originated in Mali, where cotton fabrics are dyed with fermented mud, to create these beautiful patterns. To complete this look, Alice added our Seaweed Belt in beautiful brown leather and our organic Wifi Armwarmers, together with other unique accessories and jewelry. The result is refreshing and inspiring! Just in time for your Halloween customs inspirations ;)

In the video above, you can watch Alice unboxing her recent Psylo outfit, sharing more about our collaboration, and why she likes to use Psylo in her styling. If you listen carefully - you’ll even get a 10% discount code to use store-wide on this website!

Hope you enjoy the fruits of this collaboration as much as we did! Make sure you follow Alice on Instagram @catinawitchhat for more amazing styling. We would love to know how you like this collaboration! Feel free to share your feedback in the comments.

Love, Psylo Team


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