Discover Your Style: Plain or Printed? Take Our Quiz!

Discover Your Style: "Plain", or "Printed"? Take Our Quiz!

Are you standing in front of your closet, caught between the timeless elegance of "plain" clothing and the vibrant allure of screen-printed designs? Let us be your guide to uncover which path aligns perfectly with your personality. Take our quick quiz to reveal whether you're destined for plain or printed greatness!


Questionnaire: "Printed", or "Plain"?

Discover Your Perfect Match!


1. When you imagine your ideal day off, you envision:

a) Relaxing in a tranquil garden or by the shore (Plain)

b) Exploring a colourful marketplace or attending a lively event (Printed)


2. Your favourite art piece would be:

a) A minimalist sculpture or a serene landscape painting (Plain)

b) A vibrant abstract painting or a lively graffiti mural (Printed)


3. Your go-to accessories include:

a) Classic silver or gold jewellery (Plain)

b) Statement pieces with bold colours and intricate designs (Printed)


4. Your social gatherings usually involve:

a) Intimate dinners or cozy get-togethers (Plain)

b) Themed parties or music festivals (Printed)


5. When you browse clothing stores, you're drawn to:

a) Clean lines, panel work, and timeless styles (Plain)

b) Playful prints, contrasting colours, and unique patterns (Printed)


6. Your dream holiday destination is:

a) A serene cabin in the woods or a tranquil beachfront bungalow (Plain)

b) A bustling city with vibrant street art and cultural festivals (Printed)


Now tally up your answers!

"Plain" clothing

If you've got more "a" responses, your style leans towards plain elegance.


Screen-printed clothing

If "b" had you nodding along, then printed vibrancy is calling your name!


At Psylo, our clothing and print designs go beyond mere aesthetics; they encompass sacred designs that provide empowerment and protection, much like a shield for the spirit.

So, whether you're drawn to the simplicity of "plain" or the vibrancy of "printed," remember that fashion is all about expressing your authentic self.

Embrace your style with confidence, wear it with pride, and let your style shine.

Explore our curated collections that match your personality and make a statement that's uniquely you:




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