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October 27, 2022



Psylo’s Dystopian Fashion Features in Fabio D'Andrea’s Latest Music Video

When acclaimed neo-classical pianist, composer, songwriter, producer and short film director Fabio D’Andrea presented his vision for a music video collaboration, we immediately fell in love. Based on the famous Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare's play, ‘Did My Heart Love Till Now (A Minor)’ sets the well-known story in a dystopian world. Set amongst the backdrop of stunning and unique landscapes, this surreal reinterpretation gives the classic tale a new distinct twist, resulting in a visual and audio treat for the senses.

According to Fabio D'Andrea, the initial source of inspiration for the video was a visit to the studio of artist and sculptor Georg Meyer-Wiel. Among the various wonderful artworks and unique sculptures, in particular, a skull covered in butterflies cast its spell. It reminded Fabio of his dream to reinterpret a traditional tale, offering a fresh reading. The story of Romeo and Juliet perfectly answers this brief, where you could see these masks fit in aesthetically.

It was clear that this concept needed particular dystopian clothing that could match the aesthetic. Clothes that would be practical for the dancers to move in, while visually belonging in the same world. Looking for this type of alternative wear for the upcoming video, Fabio and his producer visited Camden Market - the “Mecca” of alternative clothing. It was during that visit, that Fabio discovered the Psylo Camden store packed with dystopian fashion.

“Psylo’s designs are so unique, individual, and have such lovely details. I knew that they would look amazing on camera, and aid in my storytelling.” - Fabio D’Andrea

It was love at first sight: the Psylo colour palette of earthy, moss and stone tones, was going to complement the incredible terrains shot in the video; Cefalu in Sicily, The Isle of Skye, The Isle of Staffa and the Scottish Highlands, and the Atacama Desert in Chile. The unique style of Psylo clothing, together with handcrafted details, is the perfect fit for the dystopian aesthetic envisioned for the video.

Setting the scene, and the style for the main characters are custom-made masks and jacket creations by Georg Meyer-Wiel, together with Psylo's designs; Romeo's (Toby Constad) dystopian fashion is composed of the Cleo Top by Alekai, Ottoman Pants, and the Neo Steam Coat - also worn by his opponents. Juliet's (Eloïse Hymas) romantic post-apocalyptic outfits are achieved with a white Chiffon Braided Top (back-to-front) and Le Skirt for the opening and closing scenes. While in the dramatic scene where Juliet hears Romeo has fallen off the cliff and is assumed dead, wearing a white Sin Singlet. Paris's (Roberto Provenzano) look is made with the Skirted Pants, Off Jacket and Dharma Vest - all signature styles by Psylo. 


The First-Ever Classical Video Album

This stunning music video is part of an epic project, following the tradition of renowned classical composers writing music in sets of compositions that cover all the major and minor keys of the chromatic scale for the piano. Bach, Chopin, Liszt, Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff each created their own set of 24 pieces that have become well-known in the classical repertoire. Fabio D'Andrea is the first 21st-century composer to continue this tradition, composing his set of pieces simply entitled '24'. However, this set has a unique, 21st-century edge, as every piece has its own accompanying music video, making it the first-ever classical video album.

“I hope to inspire younger generations and create a new love for contemporary dance and music.” - Fabio D’Andrea

Every music video features well-known actors and dancers who have a passion for contemporary music and the arts, allowing them to showcase their incredible acting ability through the medium of dance. Some of the celebrities and actors collaborating on this project include Spice Girl Mel B, Ellie Bamber, Douglas Booth, Russell Tovey, Emma Rigby, George Blagden, Gaia Weiss and Jonah Hauer-King. Covering a wide spectrum of genres, the videos also feature dancers from The Royal Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, and The London Contemporary Dance School, as well as leading commercial street-dance companies, choreographed by some of the best UK choreographers.

Creating a set of visually stunning videos and beautiful original piano music with which Fabio hopes to inspire younger generations and create a new love for contemporary dance and music.


In Collaboration with Psylo

Celebrating freedom of expression, here at Psylo we love studying ancient traditions, infusing various cultures in a thoughtful process of alchemy to create a style that transcends boundaries and time. The non-conformist clothing, which does not prescribe “normal” definitions, is the perfect match for fantasy, dreams, and other creative projects. This is why you will find our designs featuring in various collaborations, from music bands, and DJs, to travel photographers, stylists, muses, theatre groups, and many more. Discover more Psylo collaborations here.

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