Indian Summer: Style & Sustainability

Indian Summer: Style Edit for The Eco-conscious

Nature as Inspiration for Embracing Change

Picture an Indian Summer, where the boundaries between seasons blur, offering an unexpected warmth that lingers amid autumn's arrival. Psylo, pioneers of slow fashion and the Ethno-Punk style since 1999, invite you to embrace this unique essence of change, transition, and timeless beauty that mirrors the Indian Summer. In this article, we explore how slow fashion philosophy seamlessly aligns with the ever-shifting dynamics of the Indian Summer.


Grega Dress

Image: Nancy, an embodiment of playfulness, wearing our timeless Grega Dress—a garment thoughtfully designed for this very season's unique blend of warmth and transition.


What is ‘Indian Summer’?

Indian summer is a weather phenomenon characterized by a period of unseasonably warm, dry, and sunny spells that occurs during the autumn months, typically after the first frost of the season. The term "Indian summer" has been in use for centuries, although its exact origin is a subject of some debate. It is generally thought to have been coined by early European settlers in North America who noticed these warm sparks in the late fall.


"As an inspiration, Indian summer is about a sense of nostalgia, and the beauty of nature's cycles."


Indian summers are celebrated for offering people a chance to enjoy the Outdoors in comfortable weather, during what is typically considered a transitional period between summer and winter. This period of warmth and clear skies often comes as a delightful surprise, as it occurs after the official summer season has ended and when one might expect cooler temperatures associated with the fall season. These warm spells can also have cultural and symbolic significance, often being associated with a sense of nostalgia and the beauty of nature's resilience in the face of changing seasons.


Off Vest, Magnus Pants and Assassin's Wristbands

Image: Mark, epitomizing sustainable style in our breathable cotton terry Off Vest, paired with the light, utility cotton twill Magnus Pants and up-cycled Assassin Vmix Wristbands—a perfect choice for the Indian Summer's warmth and versatility.


Indian Summer & The Art of Slow Fashion

Psylo's dedication to sustainability and the Slow philosophy mirror the timeless essence of the Indian Summer:


Quality over Quantity

Our clothing is handcrafted with a dedication to lasting excellence. Just as the Indian Summer extends the warmth of the season, we invite you to choose quality over quantity, investing in clothes that endure.


Sustainable Materials

In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, we prioritize eco-friendly materials. Our invitation extends to embracing clothing made from organic fabrics and recycled materials, echoing the sustainable spirit of the nature connection that an Indian Summer brings.


Timeless Aesthetics

Much like the timeless beauty of Indian Summers, our designs are not bound by fleeting trends. We invite you to express your individuality through artistic, edgy, and timeless styles that transcend seasons.


Corset Belt, Laced Bra Top and recycled Pecoa gloves

Image: Meticulously handcrafted Corset Belt, perfectly paired with the organic cotton lycra Laced Bra Top and recycled Pecoa Gloves, showcasing our dedication to fashion that seamlessly marries style with substance.


Transition and Adaptation

Indian Summers, by their nature, teach us to adapt to change and appreciate the moment. Adapting to change, our versatile clothing allows you to transition seamlessly between seasons, inviting you to embrace change and flexibility in your wardrobe. Just as Indian Summers are fleeting, we invite you to savour the process of choosing, wearing, and caring for your clothing. It's a reminder to appreciate each design as a unique piece of art.


"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."


An Indian Summer can signify the last opportunity to enjoy warmth before winter sets in. Similarly, embracing Psylo is an invitation to make an eco-conscious transition in your wardrobe choices, ensuring your style leaves a positive mark on the planet.


Couple in Indian Summer boho-punk vibes

Image: Nancy rocks the orgnica cotton Laced Bra Top and Jiva Pants, amped up with a Corset Belt, recycled Pecoa gloves and chic Tosca Hooded Scarf. Mark exudes style in the Tulle Tee, Neo Steamed Coat and Congo Pants-together showcasing their rebellious flair.


An Open Invitation

For our existing customers, as part of the Psylo community, this is an invitation to deepen your commitment to sustainable fashion. Explore our ever-evolving collections and discover how your choices can align with your values. Continue to rely on us for unique clothing that offers enduring style and quality.

For those new to Psylo, this is an invitation to discover a brand that represents a different path in fashion. Explore the world of slow fashion through our artistic and sustainable designs. We invite you to express your individuality while making a meaningful statement about your commitment to a sustainable future. Each purchase becomes a canvas for your unique style and values.


Marc wearing our Patchwork Jumper

Image: Marc wearing our Patchwork Jumper and Groovy Pants, blending comfort and rebellious style with breathable fabrics, mirroring the spirit of the Indian Summer.


In a world that often rushes past us, Psylo's slow fashion philosophy is an invitation to pause, reflect, and embrace the changing seasons, just like the Indian Summer. Whether you're already a part of the Psylo community or considering it for the first time, this invitation extends to all who appreciate the art of slow change, the beauty of enduring quality, and the essence of timeless style. Together, let's celebrate the warmth of lasting fashion in a world filled with fleeting trends.



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