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A must-have in every wardrobe, the T-shirt has long been a medium for personal expression. It's one of the main reasons why Psylo’s designers love it so much! It’s why, over the years, we’ve brought you various takes on this staple of modern streetwear. So in this style edit, we’re giving the centre stage to our favourite Tees.


Before we dive in, first a short introduction to this all-star clothing:


A brief history of the T-shirt

The T-shirt originates in ancient times when it used to be known as a “tunic”. Up until the early 20th century, it was mainly used as an undergarment. The deep social and cultural change that brought modern times marked the transformation of the Tee into an acceptable shirt to wear for miners and the working class, throughout everyday life. Being comfortable, easy to wear & care for, and fairly cheap all helped in making the Tee popular. Over the world wars, wearing a white T-shirt with uniform trousers became casual wear for the military. By the 1950s, the image of Marlon Brando wearing a Tee for ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ became a symbol of rebellious masculinity.

Since the 1960s, screen-printing techniques have become widely used. Decorating the plain t-shirt with advertising, commentary, or humanistic message has gained popularity. While “homemade” applications, like 60’s tie-dye, or cuts & rips of the 80’s Punks, were all employed by individuals to create unique clothing. Making a personal statement - which is what streetwear is all about. By the 80s-90s of the last century, part of the high-fashion streetwear trend, high-end designers were also creating their interpretations, elevating this fashion staple to a status symbol.

Nowadays, with society embracing gender equality, everybody loves wearing Tees - regardless of gender. Making this easy-going, easy-to-wear garment the perfect outlet for making a style statement. This is why, in this style edit, we chose to showcase Psylo’s favourite tees on her.


Why wear a Psylo alternative T-shirt?

(almost) All our alternative t-shirts are made using the finest quality organic or sustainable fabrics, such as our 100% organic cotton or bamboo. These fabrics are heavenly-soft to your skin, and the environment, alike. Plus, the natural fibres also ensure good breathability to keep you fresh.

Our Tees collection includes graphic t-shirts printed using traditional silk-screen printing techniques. The print designs are inspired by diverse cultural motifs and are created in-house, or in collaboration with renowned visionary, street, or tattoo artists.

Psylo’s designers do not stop at the print to bring you truly unique alternative t-shirts. Employing expert stitching skills to execute cutting-edge patterns. Raw hems, asymmetric cuts and panelwork are just some of the methods we use to push boundaries with every Tee.


6 of Our Fave T's


#1 Grunge T-shirt

Why we love it: this edgy t-shirt was created for all you rebels. The soft, natural fabric makes this Tee a great everyday essential. While the unique, punk style details make it perfect for your night out, too.

---> Meet our Sus Organic Tee

'Sus' organic T-shirt by Psylo Fashion


#2 Basic T-shirt ≠ Boring

Why we love it: nothing “basic” about this everyday essential. Panelwork and handcrafted stitching techniques elevate this relaxed cut to a smarter style you can wear everywhere.

---> Meet our Baggy Organic Tee

Baggy organic T-shirt by Psylo Fashion


#3 Alternative T-shirt

Why we love it: the unique cut of this asymmetric t-shirt stands out in attracting just the right amount of attention. Perfect for your every day and every night.

---> Meet our Tulle Organic Tee

Tulle organic T-shirt by Psylo Fashion


#4 Sacred-Tribal Printed T-shirt

Why we love it: the sleeveless cut, together with a print inspired by tribal patterns from Papua mixed with an Islamic geometric central icon - making this one your summer essential.

---> Meet our Jaya Organic Sleeveless Tee

Jaya organic sleeveless T-shirt by Psylo Fashion


#5 Funky & Chic T-shirt

Why we love it: alternative, chic and funky t-shirt, with subtle detailing, like the asymmetric collar, cut, and exposed ‘over-lock' stitches. This everyday essential to keep your body & style cool.

---> Meet our Blended Organic Sleeveless Tee

Jaya organic sleeveless T-shirt by Psylo Fashion


#6 Edgy T-shirt

Why we love it: our customers love this one so much, that we had to mention it although it's ain't organic. The combination of the asymmetric zipped collar and hem, pintuck stitching, and the double-knitted ‘Slub’ fabric all give a style that is balanced just right between edgy and smart.

---> Meet our Shemesh Sleeveless Hoodie


These are 6 of Psylo’s favourite T-shirt designs, and there are plenty more all-stars waiting for you to discover:


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