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Since you're reading this - you probably care about how your clothes look, as well as how they’re made. It’s because Psylo was never just about stylish clothes. What sets us apart from other brands is that we see our clothes as a medium to inspire free-thinking and promote environmental & humanitarian values. And this, together with the alternative style - is the main attraction of Psylo.

To take this concept further, and to share more about the values behind Psylo, we organized a special live talk with Ami Ganiel - Psylo co-founder and creative director. Giving you the front seat to first-hand insights from the Psylo studio. Sharing more about how we choose sustainable materials for your clothes; what are the methods & processes used at Psylo HQ and how are they balanced sustainably; and a little about our upcoming collection's inspirations & concept.

Big thank you to everybody who joined our first ever (!!) live event. Naturally, like most "first times", we were very excited and a little nervous. So feeling your presence and love gave us the courage to give it a go. We learnt so much from this experience, and hope you also enjoyed this fresh angle. For those of you who missed it - you're invited to catch up below;

Let us know in the comments how you like it, and if you would like to see us organising such an event again in the future?

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