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Meet PosleSlov - a physical theatre collective originating from Russia. Founded in 2013 by acclaimed physical theatre director and dancer Alyona Ageeva, PosleSlov in Russian means “After Words”. Their performances are based on the universal language of movement... Where storytelling is done primarily through physical movement, including using the body to communicate emotions.

PosleSlov physical theatre photographed by Jeremy Harrison wearing Psylo fashion streetwear clothing


 An extract from an interview done by Jo Tomalin for Fringe Review, with the 8 members of the cast and creative team, including Alyona Ageeva (artistic director), Constantine (creative director), and frequent collaborator David Block (Paris-based musician and sound designer), about their show ‘Adriana’;

“Where can we find a connection between the two worlds in which we live – the world of determination (digits, reasoning) and the world inside (unexplored, full of Eros, frightening)? How can we explore this without losing sanity? Adriana guides you through the labyrinths in which modern people roam: gender, body and its objectification, mundanity and mystical feeling. Dip into the primordial, to ancient mysteries and archetypical images, whilst experiencing the very moment of contemporaneity. In the liminal space of the show a new world is being constructed – a one-of-a-kind, never to be recreated.”

PosleSlov collective were the first dancers from Russia to participate in performance art festival CRISIS (Paris, 2015), experimental project Palimpseste (Paris, 2017), as well as the International festival of Butoh and Electro-acoustic music ‘En Chair et En Son’ (Paris, 2017). In 2017 and 2018, PosleSlov Theatre participated in the Fringe festival in Edinburgh and got strong media exposure; featuring in The Guardian, Total Theatre Magazine, FringeReview, BroadwayBaby, and more. With their artistic choices being described as “bold, sensitive and meaningful” - the group has received great feedback from international audiences from all over the world.

PosleSlov physical theatre photographed by Jeremy Harrison wearing Psylo fashion streetwear clothing

 When PosleSlov were planning a show for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, they contacted us for stage clothing. Their creative director knew Psylo already - during his travels, he found our flagship shop in Bali. So he’d been wearing Psylo for a few years, and knew our clothing would be a great addition to their show. The unique combination of comfortable yet stylish clothing - fitted perfectly to the dancers/actors' needs. Choosing to wear Psylo’s Skirted Pants, Laced Bra Top, Hi5 Skirt and Irony Sweater, all made with natural materials, and free movement in mind. With the show taking place outside, in the urban landscape - these streetwear styles complimented the performance and made a statement. Here you can see selected photos, captured by Jeremy Harrison, during their shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.

PosleSlov physical theatre photographed by Jeremy Harrison wearing Psylo fashion street wear clothing

 Currently the theatre is touring around the world with shows and workshops. You can follow them on Facebook: @posleslov or check their website: https://teatrposleslov.ru/ for updates on shows near you. The collective is also developing a new production - so stay tuned!

PosleSlov physical theatre photographed by Jeremy Harrison wearing Psylo fashion streetwear clothing

Hope you enjoy this Psylo collaboration as much as we do. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments - we would love to know how you like this collaboration! Got a suggestion for who Psylo should collaborate with next? Write to us here.

Love, Psylo Team

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