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Everybody’s feet are itching for a proper stomp after the past 2-years’ enforced break, and we’re thrilled to be sharing with you Psylo’s Festivals Tour for summer 2022. Once again the Psylo team will be hitting the road to reconnect to our beloved festivals tribe and bring you the best festival clothing, outfits & style you love. Here are the events to mark in your summer calendar:


Wave Gotik Treffen

3rd - 6th June 2022, Leipzig, Germany

Genres: Gothic Rock // Gothic Metal // EBM // Industrial // Noise // Darkwave // Neo-Folk // Neo-Classical // Medival // Experimental // Deathrock // Punk // Symphonic Metal

About: Wave Gotik Treffen, abbreviated to WGT, is one of the largest events of the gothic, cybergoth, steampunk, and rivethead subcultures worldwide. During this celebration of “dark” music and art, over 150 music acts perform at about 50 different venues spread all over the city. Covering the full spectrum of "dark music" from acoustic folk to medieval-influenced to deathrock, dark electro, EBM, symphonic metal, gothic metal, to industrial. Adding to the rich variety of dark music, there are Renaissance fairs, Viking and Pagan markets, Gothic Romance events, film premieres, literary and poetry readings, fetish events, late-night dance clubs, and so much more! Psylo is proudly joining this unique celebration of darkness by bringing our stall packed with clothing from the darker side of Psylo. Dark-lovers - looking forward to catching up with you at this year’s WGT!

2022 Line-up highlights: KMFDM, Combichrist, Clan of Xymox, Aesthetic Perfection, Soft Kill, Corvus Corax, S.P.O.C.K, Choir Boy, Ritual Howls, Lacrimas Profundere, and more…

Website: https://www.wave-gotik-treffen.de/

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Antaris Project - Cancelled.

14th July - 18th July 2022, Stölln, Germany

Genres: Goa // Psytrance

About: Set on the oldest airfield in the world, be ready to fly high in Antaris’ 26th edition! The top acts of the scene will be rocking the main floor, which is surrounded by an 8-point sound system, state-of-the-art UV decor, lasers, video mapping and lighting by crews from across Europe, creating a unique experience and journey. While at the Alternative Stage you’ll find edgier peaks, fluffier, melodic sounds and more techno-y beats. The big chill tent will be offering the calmer side of psychedelic music, ranging from Dub over Ambient to Deephouse, and it’s where you can recharge your batteries with a lovely cup of Chai tea and hammocks. There is also a healing area for various alternative therapies and treatments, as well as regular Yoga and Tai Chi workshops to reconnect mind, body, and soul. And for the cool festival going parents, there is also a fun kids area offering a daily program to participate in and enough space to play, paint, read and chill for your children. Laugh & dance - it‘s for your eyes, your ears and your heart!

2022 Line-up: coming soon…

Website: http://www.antaris-project.de/

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Boom Festival

22nd July – 29th July 2022, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Genres: Goa // Psytrance // Techno // Tech House // Chillout // Down-Tempo // Electronica // World Music Arts // Culture // Visionary Art

About: a week of love, sharing, counterculture, music and conscious living. What started back in 1997 as a Goa trance gathering, has evolved into a transformational, multidisciplinary, psychedelic and sustainable festival - a global celebration of alternative culture. The theme for Boom’s 13th edition is ‘The Anthropocene. Recognising that we live in a new geological era marked by human action that has profoundly impacted the environment. This theme is a call to imagine ceaseless, focused action at both individual and collective levels. In the face of the collapsing ecosystems around us, the festival is seen not as an escapist paradise in which to obliterate the memory of all disturbing thoughts and patterns before returning to ‘business as usual’ beyond the festival gates. It is a place for learning, being inspired, traversing our respective realities with a fresh outlook and then taking the experience of what we learnt into our daily lives in the aftermath of the event. Be part of this transformational gathering and make sure to find us at the Boom flea market!

2022 Line-up highlights: Ace Ventura, Atmos, D-Nox, Astrix, Avalon, Captain Hook, Tristan, James Monro, Bluetech, Rødhåd, Trikk, Govinda, Bayawaka, Symbolico, Beatroots, Agents Of Time, and so so much more!

Website: https://www.boomfestival.org/

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Boom 20 Years (1997-2017) Documentary:


ZNA Gathering

15th Aug – 22nd Aug 2022, Montargil Lake, Portugal

Genres: Goa // Psytrance // Techno // Tech House // Big Room // EDM

About: This retro-futuristic celebration is set deep inside a Portuguese Natural Reserve - an idyllic place with plenty of natural shade, a refreshing lake and a magical vibe. The line-up is dedicated to a retro-futuristic style, with all the musicians on stage are or were active members of the global trance scene, with careers that started back in the 90s. Beyond the dancefloor, you’ll find the Kids' area, healing practices and workshops. Built with love by dancers for dancers, the organizers’ goal is to bring feelings and sounds from the recent past back to life in a very friendly atmosphere through a cosy “boutique” outdoor Gathering.

2022 Line-up highlights: Infected Mushroom, Space Tribe, Parasens, X-Dream, Cosmosis, Man With No Name, Prometheus, Younger Brother, Psychaos, O.O.O.D, Zen Paradox, Texas Faggott, and more!

Website: https://znagathering.com/

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Indian Spirit

25th Aug – 29th Aug 2022, Eldena, Germany

Genres: Goa // Psytrance // Trance // Techno // Tech House

About: With its name inspired by the spirit of the Goa trance outdoor parties of the late 1980s, Since 1999, Indian Spirit Festival established itself in the Goa and trance scene thanks to its renowned full-on line-up, top technology, wonderful laser and light shows and a beautifully designed festival environment. Spread over 3 stages, the biggest names in the psytrance scene are coming here to play. One of the lasts in the European summer festivals calendar, Indian Spirit is a celebration of a wonderful season coming to an end - with a bang! To relax between all the dancing, you’ll find yoga and workshops, chill-out areas and a market mile for culinary, clothing, jewellery and more unique designs from all over the world.

2022 Line-up highlights: Vini Vici, Blastoyz, Bliss, Rinkadink, Burn In Noise, Astral Projection, Skazi, Talamasca, U-Recken, Liquid Soul and more - over 100 of the best psytrance producers and DJs in the world!

Website: https://www.indian-spirit.de/en/

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Space Safari

2nd Sep - 5th Sep 2022, Massembre, Belgium

Genres: Goa // Psytrance // Acid // Techno // Rave // Eclectic // Ambien // Disco

About: Space Safari is where Art, Technology & Nature collide. Set deep in the Belgian Ardennes, the festival site is surrounded by endless woods, rivers and pond. A true nature-lovers delight. The musical experience is divided across three different areas that are boundless in innovation and experimental in design and compilation. Pushing the boundaries of electronica to expand your mind and take you on a multi dimensional journey through expansive music, expressive dance, explosive good vibes and visual delight!

2022 Line-up: highlights include Ajja, KinDzaDza, Earthling, Dickster, ALT8, Ayako Mori, Bashir, and plenty more.

Website: https://www.space-safari.com/

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PSY-FI - cancelled :( 

14th Sep - 18th Sep 2022, De Groene Ster, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Genres: Goa // Psytrance // Chillout // Down-Tempo // Techno // Tech House // Psychedelic Arts

About: 5 days and 4 nights of Psychedelic culture taking place on 6 Beaches, 5 Stages, 2 Islands and swimming lakes. Psy-Fi, in this year’s edition of “Guardians of Gaia”, is a fully immersive experience. This festival's holistic attitude can be seen in their various green initiatives; recycling, portable ashtrays, fully vegetarian food, donations of parking fees to “Trees For All”, bike-schemes and working closely with an appointed ecologist to ensure the festival’s activities are co-existing with their natural surroundings. Adding to the music and dance there are the 600m2 art gallery with the world’s finest Psychedelic art, a healing garden, shamanic ceremonies, and workshops covering topics such as Psychedelics, Psychology, society, religion, permaculture, sustainability, ancient cultures, Shamanism, dance and much more. Looking forward to seeing you on the market street by the lake!

2022 Line-up: coming soon…

Website: https://www.psy-fi.nl/

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What are you looking forward to summer 2022?

Share your festivals plans, highlights and tips by posting your comments:

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