The Reflax Lookbook: An Ode to Linen Clothing

Psylo invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey with our latest collection, “Reflax”; a heartfelt tribute to the revered fabric of history, Linen. This natural fabric boasts a legacy spanning millennia and is celebrated for its purity, opulence, resilience and versatility.



Linen Clothing: Eco-Conscious Commitment

With a strong commitment to the eco-conscious movement and sustainability, Psylo proudly presents a collection showcasing the remarkable environmental credentials of Linen. Linen, produced locally and free from harmful chemicals, has a minimal water footprint, consuming only 6.4 litres over its life cycle compared to a staggering 2,700 litres for the same product made of cotton. Linen is also biodegradable in a few weeks when buried in soil, making it an eco-friendly fabric. This plant is remarkable and has been sadly overlooked in recent history.

Men's Linen clothing by Psylo Linen clothing by Psylo

Above: Fa is wearing the Sorcerer Hooded Maxi Dress and Adinkra Gloves, Koa is wearing the Tyr Rmx Shirt, Taiji Striped Shacket and Shaolin Pants.


Linen’s History & Properties: Why is Linen Clothing Good for You?

But if we dive deeper into the history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, we can find evidence of linen dating back 30,000 years. Made from flax plant fibres, Linen fabric is strong, absorbent and hypoallergenic. It feels cool to the touch and even dries faster than cotton. Because of these properties, linen clothing is comfortable to wear in hot climates or weather, making it perfect for your summer wardrobe.


Linen info-graphic


Linen is also considered easy to care for since it resists dirt and stains and has no lint or pilling tendency. It can withstand high temperatures and has only moderate initial shrinkage, so linen garments can be machine-washed, steamed, or dry-cleaned. In fact, Linen gets softer the more you wash it! A property matching well with our Slow Fashion philosophy and timeless designs that are made to last for years to come.


High-Frequency Clothing

Clothing made from Linen fabrics is also considered "high-frequency clothing" - a concept pertaining to the idea that we're electric beings, therefore certain clothing can emit a higher "frequency" of electric vibrations that positively affects the wearer's mood, energy levels, and overall health. For those who embrace holistic lifestyles, this concept offers an interesting perspective on how the materials we wear might affect our overall well-being.

Linen clothing for men by Psylo

Women's Linen clothing by Psylo Linen clothing by Psylo

Above: Fa is wearing the Medusa Asymmetric Dress and Patchwork Gloves, Koa is wearing the Spirit Sleeveless Hoodie Tee, Taiji Striped Shacket and Taiji Striped ¾ Pants.


Cultural Inspirations & Modern Masterpieces

The “Reflax” collection styling draws inspiration from the rich traditions of world cultures that have embraced Linen and other natural fabrics throughout history. Immerse yourself in our melting pot of cultures, from Middle Eastern styles to Indian and Nepalese traditions, and superlative Chinese and Japanese craftsmanship. Combined with timeless European elegance and a touch of our artistic heritage in Indonesia, this collection celebrates sartorial wisdom. Our designers’ and tailors’ masterful craftsmanship seamlessly reimagines ancient silhouettes and designs, transforming them into modern masterpieces.

The relaxed silhouettes and natural fabrics are the perfect combination of style and functionality for your upcoming summer months. Linen fabrics have an additional feature that captured our designers’ hearts; many Linen yarns present slubs, or small, soft, irregular lumps that do not compromise the integrity of the fabric but give it the aesthetic appeal of a “one-of-a-kind” natural style. Our new high-quality linen fabrics and attention to detail elevate each design of these go-to alternative summer clothing.

Linen clothing by Psylo Linen clothing by Psylo

Above and banner: Fa is wearing the Medusa Tie Top, Medusa Kimono, Hera Harem Pants and Elephant Gloves, Koa is wearing the Taiji Short Sleeves Shirt, Taiji Striped Kimono and Taiji Striped ¾ Pants.


The colour palette reflects solidity and dependability, with Black, Natural and Concrete forming the base, complemented by the vibrant pop highlight of Saffron. The collection’s minimalist colours palette also attests to the purity of un-dyed fabrics, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship and textures of the historical plant fibres.


Meet Our New Linen Styles

Join our homage to these ancient roots and embrace a more sustainable and cultured future with the “Reflax” summer 2024 collection by Psylo:



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