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August 17, 2020

“All I learnt at school

Was how to bend not break the rules.”

Inspired by the words of the ska/pop band 'Madness' in their 1980 song ‘Baggy Trousers’, and staying true to a rebellious spirit - delighted to share with you our latest style edit:

‘Baggy Trousers, Edgy Shirt’

These styles are part of our 2020 collection - celebrating 20 years of Psylo. Each design is carrying a certain motif or inspiration from the Island of the Gods. Brought together with edgy cuts to create a tribal streetwear unique style. All designs are made using organic, sustainable, upcycled or natural materials wherever or whenever we can. Handmade or hand-finished with equal amounts of craftsmanship and love by happy Psylo humans. Now, more than ever - it’s time to stand up for our rights! Be ready to live by your values with this style edit. Just landed at our shop new styles for your fresh rebel look.

Woman wearing psylo fashion freddy baggy trousers and new bogo edgy top

Above: Selina wearing New Bogo Top and Freddy Pants

'Baggy Trousers' Style Edit

Smart Baggy - Freddy Pants

This pair of high-waist baggy trousers is made with our Linen and Cotton fabric. This natural fabric is hand-dyed and underwent an ‘Enzyme softening wash’ process to give it a better drip on the body. It’s full of handmade details creating a smart yet easy-going look; from the zip-closure at the back, to the slight pleats along the front and the semi “wings” folding to the back. To the slim cuffs that can be tightened to adjust length and style. And the extra straps, that can be worn on your shoulders, or loose, for a romper look. Join the stylish renegade.

Cool Baggy - Yoda Pants

These low-crotch baggy shorts are as cool as it comes. Like the Freddy Pants, these ¾ trousers are made with our Linen and Cotton fabric. This natural fabric is hand-dyed and underwent an ‘Enzyme softening wash’ process to give it a better drip on the body. While the cuffs and waistband are made from our heavenly soft organic cotton lycra, for a comfortable fit. They come with 2 pockets on the sides, and metal studs for that extra touch. Perfect for keeping cool on your everyday.

Comfortable Baggy #1 -  Cashew Pants

These loose-yet-tailored harem pants are perfect for your casual day or night. The all-over ‘smokey’ print adds detail to the soft rayon french terry fabric. They come with 2 side and 2 back pockets - which is always useful! A great choice for a comfortable street style.

Comfortable Baggy #2 - Brush Shorts

These low-crotch ¾ trousers are printed all-over with a ‘brush’ texture for an edgy look. The 2 secure, zipped pockets on the sides are extra useful! Made from our heavenly soft rayon french terry fabric, these easy-going shorts are great for a casual sport-punk look.

men wearing psylo vishnu hoodie tee and brush baggy shorts

Above: Sergio wearing Vishnu Hooded Tee and Brush Shorts

'Edgy Top' Style Edit

Effortlessly Edgy Myanmar Hooded Singlet

This effortless V-neck hooded singlet is made with a breathable organic cotton lycra fabric, which is soft and stretchy for extra comfort. It has an open back, with double twist fabric and adjustable tie strap for extra fit. Perfect for a sporty street look, while showing off your back.

Artistic Edgy Vishnu Hooded Tee

A classic Psylo hoodie Tee, made with sustainable bamboo and organic cotton soft fabric. This hooded T-shirt supports a front print illustrated in collaboration with street artist Evgeny BAM. A contemporary, semi-infantile, tribal style artwork, depicting the Hindu God ‘Vishnu’ - The Protector of Good and Lord of Reality. A strong symbolism to elevate your everyday in a subtle yet powerful way.

Sporty Edgy Bogo Hooded Singlet

This sporty sleeveless hoodie has wide open sides to keep you cool. Made with our organic cotton lycra fabric, which is soft and stretchy for extra comfort. Embellished with an all over print, inspired by traditional ‘Bogolanfini’ mud cloth from Mali. A great streetwear look for the urban-tribal warrior.

Classic Edgy New Bogo Top

You can dress this top up or down - to suit any occasion. Made with our breathable organic cotton lycra for easy stretch and fit. The high boat neckline would fit best medium to small busts. It’s long sleeves are sliced across, all the way down to the fitted cuffs for a classic edgy look.

Asymmetric Edgy #1 U.D Tee

Breaking conventions, instead of a button-up collar, this Tee supports a buttoned hem! Together with an asymmetric cut and panels of woven cotton, mixed in with a different colour tone adding detail to this renegade design. The Antichrist of a tailored T-shirt for you rebels.

Asymmetric Edgy #2 Irony Bra Top

This stretchy bra top is perfect underneath see-through tops or by itself as a crop top. The 3 straps across the open back are adding detail to this asymmetric, one-shoulder, sporty bra top. Made with our breathable organic cotton lycra for easy stretch and fit. The front print is inspired by rustic corrugated iron, for a rough touch. Because rebels do not wear boring underwear.

woman wearing psylo fashion cashew baggy pants, edgy top and jaya gloves

Above: Selina wearing Straps Rmx TopCashew Pants and Jaya Gloves

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