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The Island of the Gods Collection

Our 2020 collection is a special one. It’s a collection celebrating 20 years of Psylo on the ‘Island of The Gods’ - Bali. 

A collection that is an homage to this beautiful island, Psylo’s home. With its mountainous volcanoes, emerald hills, hidden waterfalls, iconic rice fields, beaches and coral reefs. Bali’s natural beauty is only part of what makes this island so inspiring. Local traditions of Art & Crafts, combined with super rich culture - are what gives this island it’s real charm. The enchanting temples and daily spiritual rituals on this mystical island have all been an ongoing source of inspiration for Psylo’s design team. Our anniversary collection is dedicated to it.  

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

Collection Preview

In Psylo’s casual-sport-punk style - you’re guaranteed to find that one outfit to wear, and always be ready for any adventure your day might bring. That outfit to make you look your best, while expressing your unique style. Whether you’ll be practicing yoga, chilling, meeting friends for drinks, Burningman, an investor meeting, all the way to your bedtime... Whether your first Psylo garment, or adding to your full-Psylo look - get ready to fall in-love with these new favourite looks;

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

For this classic bold Psylo look, Selina is wearing the new Solo Crop Top and Libra Pants, paired with the Braided Gloves and Forest Hooded Long Vest

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

Here for a casual-sporty-punk look in streetwear-style, Selina is wearing the new Cashew Pants, seen here in 2 different colours versions; the black-pink is paired with the Straps Rmx Top (left), while the off-white is paired with the Myanmar Hooded Single (right).

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

One dress, 3 different looks. The new Brush Mini Dress is seen here in Olive Noir and Off-White, and paired with the Slick Hooded Crop Jacket (right), or Side Hooded Jacket (left).

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

Effortlessly cool. The new Shiny Hooded Top, with it's central Mandala motif, matching to the Jaya Legwarmers, carrying the same Mandala design. Complimented by the Vishnu Mini Skirt.

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

How we love the new Freddy Pants! Made from beautiful natural Linen and is seen here worn in different ways and matched with various tops and colours, giving a unique style. From left to right; F.O.L Top, New Bogo TopIrony Bra Top and Revolution Oversized Top.

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

Selina in a signature Psylo look; Alum Vest, Boob TubeStellar Rmx Skirt and Splice Fringed Belt. Bold. Edgy. Ethno-Punk. 

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

The luxurious Onomik Unisex Kimono will upgrade any outfit, regardless of gender. Seen here on Selina paired with the Calli Maxi Dress, while Johnny is wearing this Kimono together with Zentagnle Tee and Triple Pants. Casual yet smart. 

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

For this smart-casual look, Johnny is wearing the new Karma Tee paired with the Brush Shorts. Like most of our men's T-shirt, this one is made from sustainable Bamboo and organic cotton soft fabric. Keeps you cool, while staying environmentally-conscious.  

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

Seen here are Psylo signature Ikat Shorts, paired with (from left to right): Vishnu Hooded Tee in Olive, the asymmetric U.D. Tee and Vishnu Hooded Tee in Black. 

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

Meet our favourite new top for men - the Shemesh Sleeveless Hooded Tee. Full of handmade details and in a signature asymmetric cut. Seen here paired with Vasir Shorts

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

Themes & Inspirations

Like all our collections, the new styles infuse tribal or ethnic influences, with bold and edgy cuts. Grungy yet elegant, each Psylo is the result of a deeply thought-of process of Alchemy; Sacred Symbolism, Ancient & Contemporary Art, Cultural History and the Essence of Humanity. In a similar way to previous Psylo lines, this new collection has a few themes running through it;  

#1 The Sacred 

The direct influence of the spirituality of the ‘Island of The Gods’ can be seen the most in these new Psylo styles;

Tangka Print design by Psylo FashionFrom the Tangka skirt or dress - both featuring a printed artwork of the ‘1000 Buddhas’ as texture, adding character to the fabric. This is a classic depiction of the ‘Miracle at Śrāvastī’. In Tibetan culture, it’s the story when the Buddha multiplied himself a thousand times, leaving his critics awestruck. 

F.O.L Print design by Psylo Fashion inspired by flower of life sacred geometry To our F.O.L line - adorned with a sacred geometry texture print, inspired by the ‘Flower of Life’F.O.L Top, Beetle Hooded Jumpsuit, Chevy Mini Dress and F.O.L Skirted Short Leggings and F.O.L Beanie

Vishnu Print design by Evgeny BAM in collaboration with Psylo FashionTo a couple of styles being embellished with the God Vishnu; Vishnu Mini Skirt, Vishnu Hooded Tee. In Hinduism, Vishnu is the protector of the universe from being destroyed. He’s the one who keeps the universe going... This last print, the ‘Vishnu’, is a renewed Psylo collaboration with the talented Evgeny Bam, a Bali-based street artist. He calls his pictorial style a "Modern Native Art"; combining geometry and traditional art, spiced up with an illustration of spirituality. 

Bali Print design by Evgeny Bam in collaboration with Psylo FashionFor our ‘Island of the Gods’ collection, we asked Bam to portray Bali and its Gods. Together with the ‘Vishnu’ print, Bam created for Psylo a depiction of the ‘Island of the Gods’ – with its 3 volcanoes, sun and waves in a contemporary, semi-infantile expression. This artwork is embellishing the Bali Mini Dress


#2 The Bold

Smokey abstract Print design by Psylo FashionFor those looking for a bold look - these are for you. A Psylo 20th anniversary collection wouldn’t be complete without some big impact, head-turning new styles. These are casual-sport-punk wear, a classic Psylo mix of rough and elegant. From the signature Psylo asymmetrical cuts which can be found on the new Irony Bra Top, Side Hooded Jacket, Brush Mini Dress and U.D. Tee

Brush abstract Print design by Psylo FashionTo the ‘distressed’ prints and stone-washed fabrics seen in the new styles Brush Mini Dress, Calli Long Dress, Stellar Rmx Skirt, Cashew Pants, Libra Pants and Brush Shorts. Giving you a grungy yet smart look.  

#3 The Jedi 

Always ready to face the elements. 

Meet Psylo’s new hoodies:

Bogo Hooded Singlet, Myanmar Hooded Single, Shiny Hooded Top, Slick Hooded Crop JacketSide Hooded Jacket, Forest Hooded Long VestBeetle Hooded Jumpsuit, >Mali Hooded Vest and Shemesh Sleeveless Hooded Tee

100% protection. 100% comfort. 

Put it on - and Psylo got you covered. 

May the Force be with you! 

#4 Gender Free 

Revolution Print design by Psylo Fashion celebrating 20th anniversary Meet Psylo’s new gender neutral clothing. These new styles, joining other recent ones, were created to fit you easily. Without pre-condition of gender, in comfortable baggy cuts and simple sizing - welcoming everyone to wear and enjoy. The new Revolution Oversized Top and Revolution Singlet, are embellished with a mixed symbolic artwork, celebrating 20 years of Psylo. Both are made from sustainable bamboo and organic cotton fabrics - soft and breathable. Perfect for freeing your body and mind. 

While our new favourite - the Onomik Unisex Kimono is such a luxurious throw-on layer, we wouldn’t want to discriminate anyone from wearing it! This traditional Japanese-style kimono is made from two different kinds of natural linen fabric. While it's soft lining, made from woven rayon, is printed with the same ‘Revolution’ design. Come as you are. Make your own rules.

20th Anniversary Collection Preview - Psylo Fashion

The full 20th anniversary collection is to be released over the next few months. With the first styles expected to be landing at our shops beginning of April 2020. To stay tuned with Psylo's new styles releases - subscribe to our newsletter to keep in the know. 

To view all new styles, and get your fresh Psylo look, click here; 

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