Sacred Geometry - The F.O.L Line

Sacred Geometry - The F.O.L Line

“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe” - Galileo Galilei

Often referred to as the “architecture of the universe”, sacred geometry patterns are all around us. They form the fundamental templates for Life. So it’s with no surprise that patterns of repetitive geometrical shapes have long been used in art and design. We can find beautiful examples everywhere; from the Temple of Osiris in Egypt, to the Assyrian and Persian kingdoms, Roman empire, to old churches in England, Gothic architecture and the ‘Sun of the Alps’ in European Folklore, to Islamic Art, the Forbidden City in China, Indonesian Batik and all the way to current spiritualism.

sergiu valena spiral staircase Budapest via unsplash leo manjarrez Marrakesh via unsplash
aditya wardhana Indonesian weaving via unsplash mostafa meraji Iran masque via unsplash
chris greninger sunflower via unsplash derek story gothic church via unsplash
Thomas Thomas sacred geometry back tattoo shayan ghiasvand via unsplash

Images info, from left to right, top to bottom: Spiral Staircase, Budapest by Sergiu Vălenaș / Marrakesh by Leo Manjarrez / Toraja Indonesian Weaving by Aditya Wardhana / Royal Mosque, Iran by Mostafa Meraji / Macro Sunflower by Chris Greninger / Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona by Derek Story / Sacred Geometry back tattoo by Thomas Thomas / Tomb of Hafez, Shiraz by Shayan Ghiasvand

From the Fibonacci sequence to the Golden Ratio, design patterns can be broken down as a language of numbers (mathematics) that govern our entire visible and invisible world. Sacred geometry is also one of the very few subjects that satisfy both the left and the right brain simultaneously. It satisfies the left brain's desire for logical, sequential and objective data. While satisfying the right brain’s desire for random, intuitive and subjective data. Throughout religions and cultures, this hypnotising aesthetic carries deep symbolic meanings.

Inspired by these themes, Psylo’s designers created our F.O.L Line, representing the 'Flower Of Life'. A repetitive geometrical pattern - resonating those deep meanings of universal patterns. With a touch of ‘distressed’ effect. To give it that graffiti style edge. For those looking for clothing which connect the body and spirit to a greater consciousness - here are our favourite F.O.L styles:

The Everyday F.O.L Dress

Your body will look and feel good in this one. Our Chevy Dress is made from soft organic Cotton Lycra, and you can wear it as a micro dress or tunic. The printed fabric with our F.O.L design is used as panels. Mixed together with the plain fabric panels to create a unique geometrical cut which is figure-hugging. Together with its V-shaped design to flatter your natural shape.  

Psylo Fashion sacred geometry dress alternative clothing for women ethical streetwear

The F.O.L Capris

Bring sacred geometry symbolism to your practice. These ¾ yoga leggings styles are both made from our soft organic cotton lycra. So you can feel and look good on your mat. The Short Leggings version comes in a unique low-crotch cut for extra comfort. On the F.O.L Skirted Leggings the legs are made with plain fabric, and the print accentuates the attached skirt.

The F.O.L Essential Tee

Take sacred symbolism on your everyday with our F.O.L Tee. Each new Psylo line is not complete without this one - the classic, tried-and-tested, essential Tee. Like all our men’s tops styles, this one is made from our soft fabric, mix of sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. So it’s light and breathable. Printed all-over with the F.O.L design to connect your everyday to the greater patterns of life.

Psylo Fashion sacred geometry t-shirt alternative clothing for men ethical streetwear

Top It With F.O.L Hat

For those who love accessorizing. Follow your scared style, or add a touch of sacred geometry to your look with our Beanie - printed with the F.O.L design. It’s made from double-knitted fabric, giving it volume, while keeping your head cozy. A great addition for any everyday look.

F.O.L For Play

Offering a unique mix of a festival playsuit, extra big hoodie, pockets AND sacred symbolism - the Beetle Hooded Jumpsuit is perfect for your play time. Plus, it has a deep V-shaped, front-closure with snap buttons. So getting in and out of this one is easy when you need to ;)

Psylo Fashion sacred geometry playsuit festival jumpsuit alternative clothing for women ethical streetwear

To find out more about how Psylo clothing connect your mind, body and soul - visit our Guide To Karma Yoga Wear

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