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November 02, 2020


Zentangle art is associated as a meditative practice. Similar to mandalas, drawing the same patterns over and over again gives a calming effect and a sense of being in the “flow”. When one is fully connected to his center, losing sense of self and time. Indeed, creating our Tangled styles for her, and the Zentangle styles for him - requires similar dedication, intention and focus. It’s a meditative process, and it's a story we want to share with you here.

Like all Zentangles, creating our design starts by drawing repetitive patterns. The Psylo zentangle is using a triangle shape, repeated over and over again to bring into light something exquisite. Throughout cultures and religions, the “power of three”, or the Holy Trinity - is a very familiar concept and especially in christian realm. This power is manifested in the Triangle, and as a symbol it holds many layers of deeper meanings.

According to Ueshiba Morihei, the founder of Aikido, “the triangle represents the generation of energy”. In Taiji Quan, an effortless power can be extracted only when you have 3 solid planes. The triangle is also the most stable figure in plane geometry, and is one of the five platonic solids. Sitting in the meditation posture of “full lotus” or “half lotus”, also creates the same triangular shape, hence solid base. Like the great Pyramids, the Louvre in Paris or Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome.

Images Sources : | The Great Pyramids, Egypt by Simon Berger via Unsplash | Geodesic Dome, Montreal by tsaiproject via Flickr | The Louvre Museum, Paris by Hannah Reding via Unsplash | Everything else by Psylo Fashion. 

Since our triangles building blocks are equilateral (meaning all their sides are equal), when we repeat them into our arrangement, they create a pattern resonating sacred geometry symbolism. According to tradition, sacred geometry patterns and mandalas are not only about creating the design. As it can be enough for a person to see the design unconsciously (from the corner of the eye without even realizing) and that will bring a sense of well being….

For us, to communicate the feeling of “being in flow” through a zentangle design meant exposing and playing with fabrics. Which is why our zentangle design is celebrating the fabric and our in-house methods and processes of production. Creating a zentangle which is tactful - one fabric layer exposes the other, revealing the pattern through a play of slashes and seams.

In this video you can see how our zentangle pattern is transferred onto the plain fabric in a screen-printing process, using a water-solvent white paint, which will disappear at a later stage.

These white lines are what guides next our tailors. Placing 2 sheets of fabrics, one plain, and one with the pattern print on top, they sew the two layers together by following the guidelines. In this process we use a double-stitch - sewing parallel seams along each side of the guidelines.

The tangled pattern is now visible through the seams holding the two layers together, and it’s “cutting” stage time. Using our sharpest nail clipper scissors (best for small, accurate cuts!) and steady hands - our tailors cut the bottom layer of fabric, by following the white lines, in-between the double-seams.

Once done, our tailors “erase” the marks by using simple sponge and water without leaving a stain. If you happen to find little white marks on your newly bought Zentangle style, rest assured! They're guaranteed to disappear after the first wash.

detailing of the zentangle line ethical streetwear by psylo fashion

The extensive methods invested in Psylo's Zentangle line are for us like a meditation on fabric, manifested into unique streetwear styles. Applying custom-made technique to realize a style that is always evolving, while keeping connected to the Here & Now. There is extra care dedicated to creating this style. Making it also a great opportunity to share more from the story of how we make your Psylo clothing.

We're proud to be relaunching this line, to keep serving you with this fine detailing and mediation on the fabric. Together with its relaunch, it felt important to share how we make the Zentangle line and the inspiration behind it.


Woman and man sitting on the ground against rock wearing zentangle line ethical streetwear by psylo fashion

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Nirava Karin Grütter
Nirava Karin Grütter

November 03, 2020

I have 9 Zentangle dresses, because i wear them so often🤩 I wear them at work ore ride my horse 🐴 And there have to be enough around, so it’s possible to go for a party 🥳

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