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Clothing for yogis beyond the mat.

Originating in India, Yoga is one of the most ancient physical, mental and spiritual practices. It is a system for increasing awareness, and decreasing disease or suffering. With the ultimate goal of traditional yoga being Moksha (=liberation). Yoga philosophy, and its shared values with buddhism and martial arts - are an integral part of our team's daily lives. As individuals and as a whole, we share enthusiasm for yoga philosophy, values and symbols. These are ongoing themes and a true source of inspiration here at Psylo. 

With 21st June 2020 marking this year’s International Yoga Day, we want to take this moment in time to focus on the more traditional aspects of yoga, and share Psylo's inspirations for yogi wear. Because yoga is beyond being able to touch your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way there. It's about following yoga principles throughout one’s daily lives. It's about learning to connect your mind, body and soul, and nourishing your connection to life itself. 

To help deepen this connection, and take your yoga practice beyond the mat - there are 3 principles Psylo clothing follow: 

PSYLO FASHION artwork mudra

Sustainable & Fairtrade

Knowing that no extra suffering is caused by producing your yoga clothing is key for those who care for yoga as a way of living. Knowing that minimised or no harm is caused to our planet. That the artisans who made your yoga wear are happy and equally respected humans. Knowing the story of how your clothing came about and the meaning behind them can truly ground you - off and on the yoga mat. A reminder that we are all one.

We take the outmost care in everything we do here at Psylo. Learn more about by visiting our Sustainability.

psylo fashion artwork tangaka

High-Frequency Clothing

This one is based on a similar principle of knowing your yoga clothes are pure from any suffering. It is believed that in the creation of something new, the energy of the creator - in this case, our tailors, is mixed into the product. Therefore each Psylo garment, whether yoga clothes or clubbing dress, is blessed before leaving our factory. To cleanse it from any negative energy or vibration, or lower frequency, that might have got into it in the process of creation.

psylo fashion sacred geometry F.O.L design

Sacred Geometry & Spiritual Symbols

Sacred geometry reminds us of the deep interconnection between everything in the Universe, and beyond, proving we share a collective consciousness. It’s the mathematical equations that make up our Universe as well as the dimensions and universes beyond our own. Through sacred geometry, we are reminded that everything comes from and returns to the same Source. When you explore and engage with sacred geometry, you are exploring and engaging with the mind of Source, or Spirit. This is why Psylo’s design team loves weaving sacred geometry into our print or pattern designs. To invite you to open these doors of perception. When you understand the basics of sacred geometry, you deepen your connection with life itself.

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