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November 09, 2020

Serving you with a wider range of great clothing and accessories, over the past few years we’ve been collaborating with like-minded designers. One of them is the art house Plazmalab - with their original prints and wearable art. Meaning, “art to wear” - clothing, accessories or jewellery which are created as fine or expressive art. These are garments intended for a unique artistic creation or statement.

From the Plazma lab, this digital design fashion studio creates one-of-a-kind clothes and limited edition styles. Like Psylo, everything is originally designed, sewn and prototyped in-house. Over their 2 decades of operation this collective of dreamers have been bringing their art to life in ways that extend far beyond fashion! The Plazma family creates anything from psychedelic installation art to prints, designed objects and wearable art. Starting as a unique boutique in the alternative part of Tel-Aviv, their shop became the centre for those who are looking to express their individual style in alternative fashion. Plazmalab is playing a leading role in shaping the alternative scene that is ever-evolving in their urban landscape.

The Plazmalab style is a combination of urban wear, rave clothing, street art, graffiti, psychedelic art, tribal designs, tattoo style, shamanism and futuristic manifestations. The result is a truly unique style, expressed through their wearable art all the way to the installations they create for the biggest psy festivals in the world. Over the years, Plazamalab have collaborated in creating psy art on a big scale for Boom Festival in Portugal, Freqs of Nature in Germany, and Doof Festival in Israel - to name a few. They’ve also been creating exclusive merchandise for artists and events in the psychedelic scene and beyond, like the Oregon Eclipse, Psy-Fi Festival, Ace Ventura, Asaf Avidan, Balkan Beat Box, even the Waze app, and plenty more.

Use the arrows above to see more projects by Plazmalab ⫸

Each Plazmalab member contributes to this "creative house" in creating wearable art, psy wear, installations, custom merchandise and silk printing. In a very similar way to Psylo - all aspects of the creative process are consolidated under one roof. From their loft overlooking the city, Plazmalab artists and designers are orchestrating all elements of the design process; the pattern making of their unique cuts, manifesting their graphics from concept all the way to screen development and silk-screen printing, sewing, photography and more.

Each Plazmalab collection is a manifestation of original custom artworks created by the artists who make up this collective. After the graphic design is finalised, it’s ready to be printed onto a transparent film. This is when the screen development starts. Each different colour in the artwork must be developed onto an individual screen. The right type of screen is chosen according to the designed graphic, and requires testing before being put into production.

Watch above behind the scenes @ The Print Room, Plazmalab ⫸

While we here at Psylo still use manual screen-printing processes, following local Balinese traditions, Plazmalab use mechanical printing. In a process that takes the same amount of exceptional precision - as it’s extremely important to place the screens onto the gigantic octopus robot so they exactly overlap. The desired colour tones are also mixed by the hands of Plazmalab’s printing team, for the most accurate result. The pre-sewn fabric cuts, or paper, are placed on the machine, printed, and then sent to the Plazma’s sewing factory for the finishing of the garments.

Being part of the same community for the last over 2 decades, a collaboration between Plamalab and Psylo was only a matter of time. What on other scenes are considered “competitors”, we prefer seeing as our allies. Brining you ethical streetwear with a wider selection of tribal-futuristic twists. Many of the designs you’re seeing in our Plazmalab collection are limited editions, with some are available now exclusively on Psylo's website!

Support this collective of dreamers and treat yourself to a ready-to-wear wearable art from this latest release:

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