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11 Footwear Brands You Need to Know.

So many of you have been asking us about the shoes our models are wearing, and where to find shoes for your Psylo style?

We believe you deserve a longer answer than our honest “sorry, we don’t make shoes”. Because your footwear is key to your comfort and style. And when it comes to creating your outfit, you want a complete look. As a Psylover (short for Psylo-lover) you must be looking for original brands. Making quality, unique and alternative footwear.

That’s why we compiled for you our recommendations for 11 footwear brands you need to know;

New Rock boots and shoes at Psylo Vienna

#1 Rockers, Metalheads, Cyber-Punks

New Rock has been in the shoe-making business since 1929. From 1980, the brand has evolved into what it is today. Serving quality and original Metal, Rock, Cyber, Casual, Biker or Western-style footwear. Their patented COMFORT PLUS system is achieving anatomic sole injected with great protection to water and cold.

Although not available on this website, you can find an exclusive range of New Rock boots at our flagship shops at Koh Samui and Vienna.


#2 Ethno-Punk Eye-Candies

Although it’s almost impossible to find their footwear products, 14th Addiction’s keep their space strong on our shoes recommendations. You can spot their boots on some of the models in our Lookbooks! Also, you might already know this brand - you can find a selection of their bags and belts designs on this website. Their shoes are as unique and full of styles as their bags! 

A.S. 98 boots and shoes

#3 Alternative

With fluidity and rebellion A.S.98’s main concepts, it’s no wonder they’re on this list! Established in the 1980s, the combination of Italian design, rugged vintage looks and exciting details create a special spirit that can be felt in the quality of their products;

“We create more than shoes; we produce distinctive works of art that bear our signature. With uncompromising style and all the rough edges, each piece has its own unique personality. One that is recognized where it really counts: on the street.”

KMRii streetwear boots and shoes

#4 Edgy

KMRii's creator Lui Onozaki draws influences from his years of world traveling. Rooted in global underground culture and extending out from it, KMRii's designs emerge from a world without boundaries. Whether it is a re-creation of an antique industrial element, or an indigenous artifact - these diverse historical elements are united into a timeless aesthetic. Each piece clearly belongs inside a life of unconventional refinement, meticulously handcrafted from selected materials, utilizing cutting edge treatments and techniques.

Ayyawear boots

#5 Tribal

Ayyawear has been committed to long-lasting, quality footwear since 1999. They make both ready-to-wear and custom leather for the rebellious spirits. Their footwear has heirloom quality, and it’s blurring the line between costume and everyday fashion. Live, Love, Adventure!

Gipsy Dharma handmade footwear

#6 Free-Spirited

Gipsy Dharma’s goal is to share their passion for simplicity and comfort of walking barefoot; Their original handmade footwear is designed to be “like your second skin”. The way all your footwear is supposed to feel, according to their statement. Their mission is to “help people in their journey by, if only slightly, beautifying their lives, inspiring them, raising their level of self-awareness and by giving them a lucky sign to start fresh.”

El Naturlista eco-friendly shoes boots and sandals

#7 Eco-Conscious

If you’re looking for eco-friendly shoes from a company who’s also doing their part in supporting communities and environment alike - El Naturalista is your answer. Their shoes are super comfortable, made from eco-friendly and natural materials. This brand is also involved in various projects, supporting communities and children around the world.

United Nude designer footwear

#8 Futuristic  

United Nude is one of the most forward-thinking footwear designers today. Their alternative footwear is inspired by our architectural surroundings, and sits in a unique intersection between architecture and fashion; 

“Each United Nude product holds a strong connection to architectural design and represents an exploration of the possibilities offered by movement, colors and materials.” 

United Nude regularly collaborates with talented designers or architects such as Zaha Hadid, Issey Miyake and Iris Van Herpen, in creating limited-edition lines.

TSUBO shoes

#9 Contemporary   

Another of our favorites, especially for men, are TSUBO. Their shoes are a hybrid of the comfort and performance features of an athletic shoe, and the style and character of a contemporary shoe. The Japanese word 'tsubo' has 2 meanings; the first means an area of measure equivalent to about 35 square feet. The other use of the word refers to pressure points found on the body that can relieve pressure and stress, providing enhanced comfort and relaxation. TSUBO look to infuse a mix of classic athletic and casual influences to create something new and inspiring.

Palladium boots

#10 Street-Style 

An old-school which is one of our best options for none-leather and resistance is of course, Palladium. Their footwear has been trusted by troopers, hikers and ravers for more than 70 years. Because their boots are light yet sturdy, water-resistant, and were the first ones made from canvas - the fastest fabric to dry out. Their designs became timeless, responding to fundamental need for resistance-resistance to the elements, to wear and tear, to time and trends.

Dr. Martens

#11 Self-Expression 

We can’t write about footwear, without mentioning Dr. Martens. The brand who started as work-boots, and became a symbol for youth, alternative music, rebellion and free-thinking. Carrying their high-quality, sturdiness and durability qualities from the work-site to the festival-site - for decades.   

Good Shoes Take You to Good Places.

Which footwear brands do your feet love? Share your tips in the comments below!

Love, Psylo Team

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Gaby strehler
Gaby strehler

September 16, 2019

Love the shoes

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