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Yasmin Benoit is an alternative model, and Human Rights and Asexual activist. For Yasmin, being a black alternative model isn't just a creative pursue and a source of income. It's about challenging conventions;

“Imagine being alternative and an ethnic minority…not fitting into the alternative community because you’re a minority, and not fitting into your ethnic community because you’re alternative.”

”It is the main reason why I believe that representation of ethnic minorities in the alternative industry is so important, I believe that people need to stop thinking of alternative subcultures as being ‘for White people.’ The motivation to provide that representation for alternative Black girls is the reason why I continue to model.”

- Yasmin Benoit, 'The Realities of Being A Black Alternative Model' on

With such a strong spirit and worthwhile cause behind her, we were proud for her to be wearing Psylo in a model shoot. Together with talented photographer Busha Bailey, Yasmin Benoit created a beautiful urban, alternative shot; For the first soft-Gothic look, Yasmin wore Psylo’s Soba Sleeveless Dress. A bold look was shot with our Venus Tunic and Tibetan Leggings. In the 3rd, most urban style Yasmin wore Psylo’s Ash Tunic. Images from this set were selected to be featured in Femme Rebelle Magazine’s September 2018 issue book 2.

Hope you enjoy the fruits of this collaboration as much as we did! Feel free to share your feedback in comments.

Love, Psylo Team


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