Collection: Re:imagined 2022/23 Collection

Designed to make you feel empowered, this functional, versatile & stylish wear is here to elevate your look and feel like your second skin.




Answering our customers’ needs, this Re:imagined collection is designed for your urban work and play. Dedicated to everybody rebelling against fast fashion’s mass production, it celebrates clothing that is ethically handcrafted in unconventional ways. The overarching aesthetic is not too “loud”, yet expressive. Like jackets that are smart enough to wear in the city and you’ll also pack them into your bag when going travelling on an adventure, riding a motorbike around Tibetan monasteries in the Himalayas or hiking in Peru. F**k urban ‘clean’ conventional style. What we’re talking about here is a style that is more relaxed and versatile in answering your needs. It’s an urban style with a flavour of the Avant Apocalypse, giving it that individual look we all strive to achieve.

This Psylo current collection is about being connected to your roots as a source of energy and growth. Designed to make you feel empowered, this functional, versatile and stylish wear is here to elevate your look. You’ll find in this collection clothing made from the highest-quality organic, sustainable or natural fabrics that are soft to your skin and the environment alike. The “old skool” Psylo traveller’s utility style is celebrated here: lots of pockets, hoodies, and strong & durable fabrics like our French Terry, Cotton Twill and Stretch Canvas. The edgy cuts and unique details will take your outfit to the next level while feeling comfortable like a second skin.

This release comes with a friendly warning: many of the styles presented here were created as limited editions. It means that once they’re gone - they’re gone. Plus, if and when they come, future editions will probably be slightly different. Like most DJs, our designers do not like requests to limit their creative freedom. When answering customers’ requests, our team will always look for ways to update and upgrade the style. It’s also ‘cause we like to give your clothing maximum character. So what you wear is almost as unique as you are ;)