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Discover our street-wear collection of handmade hoodies, cloaks, capes, hooded jackets, sleeveless hoods, hoodie shrugs and more! Everything you need to keep you covered in style.

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Handmade Hoodies by Psylo

Here at Psylo, we usually handcraft these wardrobe staples from our high-quality 100% cotton terry or double-knitted slub fabric. These soft fabrics are thicker than some of the lighter materials which we usually use for your tops. This opens up lots of design opportunities for custom-made detailing like unique stitching, patchwork or stud work. Most of our hoodies come with a secret stash pocket, too ;) You may say this clothing carries some of our best expertise in fabric manipulations. The Psylo Hoodies universe includes different styles and for all necessities! from the classics, to the practical turtlenecks, to the oversized, to the hooded shrug or scarf. We've got you covered!


A Brief History of The Hoodie

Did you know that the hooded pullover was initially created in the 1930s for workers in cold New York warehouses? Its history is rooted in practicality. The earliest version was introduced in Rochester and targeted labourers in freezing conditions. Over time, the hoodie transformed from functional workwear to a symbol of rebellion, comfort, and casual style. In the 1970s, it gained popularity in sports, especially among athletes, while the 1980s saw it become a fashion icon in hip-hop culture, symbolizing urban youth and street style. Embraced by various subcultures, including skateboarding and punk music, the hoodie's appeal diversified.


Why We Love Hoodies

These alternative fashion lovers’ must-haves are functional, comfortable, and cosy. They’re versatile and perfect for layering. They offer a variety of designs, plus have a unisex appeal. Their style is casual and relaxed, and may resonate a cross between Athleisure, street gangs, and stealth mythical warriors. Whichever is your vibe. A good hoodie is a winter must-have, and also essential during the changing seasons, or even worn to warm the chill of a summer’s night.

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