Mahyar Traveler

Mahyar is a talented tattoo artistĀ and avid traveler. His collaboration with Psylo begun afterĀ he met with Ami GanielĀ during his visit to Bali, Indonesia. His contribution to Psylo can be seen in the following styles:

Long NeckaĀ Pants

Maya Gloves

Baggy Sweater

Demon Hooded Vest

Garuda Singlet & Garuda Pants (Kids' Collection)

Profile Tee L/S

Profile Tee S/S

2 Lili Jacket

Yang Tee S/S

YinYang Kaftan

Yang Jacket

Here are the art piecesĀ illustrated by Mahyar and incorporated into Psylo's clothing:Ā Ā 


Mahyar Mahyar
Mahyar Mahyar


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