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Psylo Women

Sideway Pecoa Patched Skirt

Sideway Pecoa Patched Skirt

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Style & Fit

An asymmetric, wrap-around skirt or a unique belt. Created in our signature 'Pecoa' style of upcycled fabric cuttings. Wear it with any outfit for an extra special, unique look.

* Wraparound, asymmetric skirt or a unique belt.

* 2 Thin, adjustable leather belts.

* Position the skirt how you want it on the hips - there are no rules.

* Uneven length adding asymmetry to the design.

* ”Unfinished” hems in a post-apocalyptic style.

* Decorated with custom-made metal studs on the beltline.

* Adjusted to fit, true to size.

* Not for the faint-hearted, edgy-style skirt.

Material & Care

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