Psylo Fall - Winter 2015 : An Ode

Psylo Fall - Winter 2015 : An Ode

Psylo Fall/Winter 2015 collection is an ode to long dark winter days, with inspirations of European visual artistry ranging from Victorian, Goth, Baroque, Romantic, Art Nouveau and Classical periods.

The art movement of Europe encompasses the history of visual art in its essence. Considered as some of the finest art in the world, it is an important part of European culture. The movements from one era to the next literally draw out historical moments and displayed the shifts in European cultures affected by religion, politics, war, and disasters, even diseases. European arts not only depict the real, cold hard truth of what the common people were experiencing but also served as a recording media to inventions, ideas, important figures, and also agendas of propaganda that were painted under the command of the Royal Families, as well as churches.

Why is this interesting? Well, cultures are always interesting for us. In this case, the art periods marked different eras of very wide collaborated nations where we found multiple similarities from one another, all across Europe. We found it intricate, and thus inspiring – especially seeing what’s left from war throughout hundreds and years of our time. The fact that the remnants of those eras are still magnificent today, make us wonder how it looked when they were first created.

In this Fall and Winter 2015 Collection, Psylo design team depicted their inspiration through the print artwork on their fabrics, as well as full textured fabrics, with discharged effects to add more vintage feeling. Loyal followers of Psylo will already know that our design team has quite a knick for chaos theory and always finds ways to implement it in the season’s collection. You will find asymmetry, rough edges, unfinished stitching strategically placed, while some strategically scattered – just­ like the way the art pieces across Europe are displayed.

Aside from the European art influences, this collection also harbored the long dark winter theme through pitch-black color, leather application, and contrast of rough and shiny, while using organic cotton materials in most of the styles. As a Street Wear brand, Psylo really does put a lot of attention in each sub-genre and sub-culture by designing a style dedicated for them. From Punk Rock, to Yogis, to Tribal, Steam Punk, Cyber Punk, Ethno Punk, Urban, Emo, all the way to the Goths, there is something resembling the essence of their lifestyles. For example, you will find plenty of grungy styles in this collection; crossing the edge, bold, and sexy. However, at the same time, we are not forgetting our conscious lifestyle, which we express not only by designing yoga clothes but through our use of organic materials.

Life is all about balance. You might feel like showing your punk and rebel side with a set of Psylo attire one day, and the next day you might find yourself in one of our cozy, shanti, Yogi style leggings and tops from our yoga clothing collection. Look forward to our soon to be released Fall – Winter collection of 2015.

Expect boldness. Expect balance. Expect Psylo.


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